Pop up Camper Hacks: With Pictures: The Best Pop-Up Camper Hacks and Ideas!

Pop up Camper Hacks

Pop-Up Campers are wonderful for families because they close down small and open incredibly huge. But sometimes they don’t always make the most use of the area. However, there are so many minor modifications you can make to your pop-up!

Thanks to some easy DIY pop-up camper mods and hacks, you can simply add more storage and useful features to your pop-up camper! Take a look at these easy DIY pop-up camper mods and hacks that we have done to our own pop-up!

Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it. Tips for getting the most out of your camping experience are included below.

Pop up Camper Hacks

  • For two persons, a cot can be used as a dining table

If you don’t have a kitchen island or a dining table in your camper, this is a wonderful solution for you. As a bonus, it’s a simple method to turn a bleak situation into something positive.

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  • While you’re enjoying a drink, consider using a ladder shelf

This is an easy method to keep little items that you frequently use close to reach. Consider where you can put your drink without fear of it tipping over, or where you can maintain track of something important while sitting down.

  •  Use lawn chairs and an extension cord as pieces in board games

It’s easy to set up some lawn chairs for extra seating if everyone has their own space in the camper, such as a bed or chair. > 45 Travel Trailer Accessory Must-Haves You Should Have

  • Curtain rods can be made using suction cup shower curtains

The shower curtain that came with the camper should always be held up with suction cups to prevent holes in the walls and unevenness in the camper. When you remove it, it won’t damage the wall.

  1. Keep books and other knick-knacks on a shelf in the front of your camper for easy access.
  2. It’s a perfect spot to store coloring books, playing cards, or Legos if you’re traveling with children. For those times when you don’t want to use a cup or plate while driving, these can be utilized to store them.
  3. In this video, we’ll show you our favorite POP-UP camping hacks.
  • Set up a pantry

Create a pantry by putting often used things in plastic containers or hanging bags. There’s no risk of it getting lost beneath the bed or put in a corner because no one can find it again while cooking this way.

  • Hang lanterns over your dining table using an extension cord attached to a hook

This is a terrific way to create ambiance while eating dinner in your pop-up camper at night, and it also prevents the food from flying off the table. It’s important to use a strong hook so it doesn’t fall on anyone’s head while they’re eating.

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Hang lanterns from an extension cord and hanging over your dining table as you dine.
This is a terrific way to create ambiance while eating dinner in your pop-up camper at night, and it also prevents the food from flying off the table. Hooks should be strong enough to prevent them from falling on people as they eat.

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  •  Keep all of your kitchen and bathroom towels in one place

Using hooks near the shower curtain rods, hang your towels from the sides. Towels and washcloths that might otherwise get soiled from being out in the open can be stored on hooks already attached to most camper shower curtains.

An overview of the must-have accessories for your pop-up camper is provided in this video:

  • For cast iron burner propane cooktops, see the number

Pop up Camper Hacks

Hang your pots and pans from them using hangers or bungee cords so that they all fit on one burner. You may use this for both indoor and outdoor cooking with equal ease.

The possibilities for improving your already fantastic camper are virtually limitless. Your vacations will be more enjoyable as a result of these additional options.



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