A Collection of The Greatest Rap Lyrics Ever Including Some of Their Deepest Meanings

This strong and inspirational collection of rap quotes will inspire you to strive hard and get your grind on. Share your favorite rap quote with us in the comment area below.

What are the benefits of reading rap quotes?

Let these renowned hip-hop superstars of yesterday and today drop jewels in the form of rap lyrics that will stay with you for years to come. These words can have a sense of nostalgia, but they are still as strong as when you first heard them.

The music and culture of rap and hip-hop have achieved widespread popularity because of:

  • Confidence 
  • Boldness
  • Adoration of uniqueness

Rap is “a style of popular music characterized by rapid, rhythmic recitation over an instrumental backdrop.”

While there are certainly some shady personalities in the rap music industry, there are also many artists who serve as positive role models because of the profound impact they have on society through their music.

Quotes from rap artists can be just as inspiring and entertaining.

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Common inquiries include:

Ask yourself this: what is the best rap line ever written?

Famous rappers have a lot to teach us, and we hope their words will serve as an inspiration to you. Let’s check out some inspirational rap sayings and lyrics about love and achievement.

We also have some verses from Chance the Rapper and some of Cardi B’s best one-liners for you to peruse.

The most inspirational and motivational rap lines ever

  • One Should “stop and Pick up A Brother Down Since You Might Be the Next One Stuck,” as The Saying Goes. Don’t Intrude, Grand Puba
  • Second, “never Become so Interested in Anything that It Blinds You,” Is One of The Best Rap Quotes About Time.
    Don’t Ever Lose Sight of Your Roots, Because Someone Always Will. – Dmx, “it’s On
  • Best Rap Quote No. “a Life without Dreams Is a Life without Meaning.” – Wale’s Greatest Lyrical Raps About the Power of Imagination
  • It Is the Life Lived for A Purpose that Is the Meaning of Life. Therefore, I’d Rather Die for Something I Believe in Than Go Through Life without Purpose. Immortal Method
  •  “You’ve Got to Realise that The World’s a Test, You Can Only Do Your Best and Let Him Do the Rest” Is One of The Best Rap Quotes About Purpose.
    You Have a Life and A Body; Stop Putting Things Off and Make Them Happen. when It’s Time” by Cee-Lo
  • Top  Quotes About Striving to Improve Yourself in Rap. According to Me, “my Whole Thing Is to Inspire, to Better People, and To Better Myself Forever in This Thing that We Call Rap, This Thing that We Call Hip Hop.” Kendrick Lamar
  • The Top  Best Quotes from Rappers. Because It’s Possible that The Things You Care About Most in Life Will Be Taken Away from You at Any Time, You Should Treat Every Day as If It Were Your Last. Artist: Machine Gun Kelly
  •  rap Lines. a New Identity Is Something That Many People Aspire to Achieve. However, I Don’t Think It’s Possible to Completely Alter One’s Identity Because “where You Come from And What You’ve Done so Far Make up A Large Part of Who You Are.” – Eminem
  • Nine of The Best Rap Quotes on Alteration. Despite My Hard Efforts, I Am Still Required to Put in More Effort. Music by Wiz Khalifa
  • Finest Hard Work Rap Quotes. It’s Up To You Whether or Not You Want to Live. Changing Someone Else’s Life Isn’t.” to Quote: Kid Cudi

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