'Ao Haru Ride' Season 2: Everything you need to know!

‘Ao Haru Ride’ Season 2: Everything you need to know!

It’s been quite half a year, but fans are still expecting the sequel to the story of Ko and Futaba within the animated series “Ao Haru Ride.” “Ao Haru Ride”, also referred to as “Ao Haru Ride”, is based on the japanese shojo manga series written and illustrated by Io Sakisaka. The difference between the anime was done by Production IG. And it was released in 2014. let’s examine if more of the anime series is back. This is everything we know so far!

Will There Be a Season 2?

Despite popular demand, the acclaimed girl anime has not yet obtained an extension of Production I.G’s second season. The series hasn’t been canceled either, so some fans prefer to keep this sparkle of hope albeit they haven’t heard the Season 2 renewal for an extended time. The delay in updating the could also be thanks to a scarcity of funded source material. 

The anime series are going to want to increase marketing and sales for the manga or light novel series on which the show is based. The formula is straightforward. The more popular the anime series, the more manga sold. There are still many chapters left in Season 2 of the, but the manga and novels on which the show is predicated were discontinued in 2015. 

So there could also be no reason to revive the show anymore. Season 1 ended with a cliffhanger, so fans wanted the show to resume. Unfortunately, I.G. has still to answer the calls.

When Will ‘Ao Haru Ride’ 2 Officially Release? 

The anime series remains expecting the renewal of the second season, so we cannot tell you the planned release date. It has been seven years since the anime series was first released, but Production I.G. seems to not be in haste to pick it up. The anime series, released in July 2014 and not yet updated, suggests that it’s going to not come. 

But there’s still hope! We have seen an old anime series updated after being renewed in another studio in the past. With sufficient petition and support from fans, other studios could also be instigated about producing “Ao Haru Ride” Season 2.

‘Ao Haru Ride’ Season 2 Plot: What Can You Expect? 

“Ao Haru Ride” follows the story of Kou Mabuchi and Futaba Yoshioka. The 2 visited an equivalent highschool and fell crazy in love. However, both have personal problems that affect their well-being and relationships. If extended to Season 2, there’s still tons of manga left to cover the anime series. 

The manga series “Ao Haru Ride” features a total of 13 volumes between 2011 and 2015. The 13-episode anime adaptation included only plots of the primary four manga volumes (up to Chapter 14). Given the rocky conclusions of Season 1, Season 2 may adjust the remaining volume (assuming this has also been updated).

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