Fact Checking Policy

We strive for 100% factual headlines and verify every news item that appears on the site. Rumors and insider reports are clearly labeled to help readers discern between factual information and industry talk.

Before putting up any content, we double-check to make sure it’s up-to-date and trustworthy. Before beginning any writing project, we always triple-check our sources and even occasionally visit the primary source (and any relevant reference material). We require unwavering confirmation before making such a bold statement, regardless of whether or not other media outlets have reported on anything that hasn’t been verified. We never post anything only to get a click.

While our headlines tend to be attention-grabbing, we never make broad generalizations for effect. It must be checked to make sure it’s correct. The articles at theindnews.com don’t just cover the news; they also provide authoritative background information that clarifies the story’s relevance to your life.

Although the members of keymanagementinsights.com writing staff come from various entertainment-industry backgrounds, they are all bound by a shared appreciation for the industry as a whole and a commitment to provide readers with compelling and informative content.

Our writers and editors have years of experience in the industry, so you can rest assured that every new item will be up to date, accurate, and full of relevant details. When we are the primary source, we follow established journalistic norms.