Rupee4click: Among India’s Top Online Data-Entry Service Providers


India’s largest Cost Per Referral (CPR) ad firm, Rupee4Click, offers a “Get Paid for Referral Link” service. Referral advertising is a specialty of some of the best companies in our Network. Earn money by referring others to your referral link.

You can get money doing online jobs like data entry, survey filling, and captcha completing on the side while you’re still in school. All folks can work from home.

Why Is Rupee4Click a Scam?

According to their website, Rupee4Click is a place where you may earn money by solving captchas, entering data, and publishing to social media. It’s possible that Rupee4Click is in fact a click farm based on some of the behaviors described, such as downloading programs. As the Indian Rupee is utilized throughout the website, it is primarily aimed at Indians.

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Rupee4Click appears to be a fraud on the face of it

Because other companies pay far less for the same work, the projected payouts are wildly inflated. For simple activities like data input, the company claims to pay 10 for referrals, 100 for signing up on the platform, and 250 for menial work. To spend this much for so little effort is incomprehensible to me.

Despite the fact that the domain name was only registered in November of 2020, the company’s website claims to have been in operation for five years already.

There are inconsistencies on both the main page and the terms and conditions page. At first glance, it appears as if payments are made every seven days, however, the terms specify otherwise. This raises questions about the platform’s reliability.

The company’s Marketing Manager, Priya Mishra, is reportedly featured on the company’s homepage. As the image has been altered, it appears to be a work of fiction.

A pseudonymous account manager, Madhu Sharan, was assigned to me shortly after I signed up, and I’m not sure who she really is. There is no Indian in the image and the email address provided is a hoax.

Despite claiming to pay users for their social media posts, Rupee4Click does not have an active social media presence. The website’s social media links are phony because they lead nowhere.

All of the provided contact information appears to be fraudulent. Invalid email addresses, fictitious mailing addresses, and no trace of your business can be found using these methods. People that used Rupee4Click said that they didn’t get paid, and the company had a “Poor” rating on TrustPilot.

Rupee4Click appears to be a fraudulent platform, so it is best to avoid signing up. Even if it’s true, some of the website’s activities are unlawful and constitute click fraud.

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  • Do not be fooled by the appearance of a bargain.
  • Scammed out of your job? Here are some things you may do to protect yourself:
  • The National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal is where you can file a complaint.
  • Make a complaint to PayTM on Twitter or Customer Care. You may also contact PayTM via phone or through a UPI app like Google Pay or a bank that has an account with Paytm.
  • The Suspicious Site Reporter plugin for Chrome can be used to notify Google of the website’s suspicious nature.
  • On Web of Trust, give the website a low rating. For the same purpose, you can add their extension to your browser.
  • Complain to the Indian Consumer Complaints Forum (ICCF).
  • Put your thoughts down in writing on online review sites like TrustPilot, Scamadviser, and MouthShut.
  • Scammers whose phone numbers appear on TrueCaller with the phrases Fake, Fraud, or Scam in the name should have their numbers blocked.
  • Please use the Business Redressal Complaint Form if the firm has a Google My Business or a Google Maps listing for a complaint. Also, write a negative review detailing your unpleasant experiences.


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