Cheapest Way To Send Money Internationally

5 Cheapest Way To Send Money Internationally [Best Of 2022]

We are in an era where sending our money overseas is not a big task. Well, thanks to modern technologies and the virtual world. Now it is much easier to send money internationally without any hassle. All you need to do is gather information about the wire transfer method available online and you are good to go.

From choosing a safe method to knowing the cheapest way to send your money abroad, we assure you that our expert advice will guide you through all your finances easily. Also, you’ll get to know all the possible aspects before sending money internationally in 2022.

What Is Wire Transfer? 3 Things You Should Know

A wire transfer is an electronic method used for money transactions, also known as a bank transfer. The term is widely used when we send money internationally. There are 3 things that you should know while using it:

  1. The transactions are made via wire transfer from one bank to another.
  2. It may take up to 24 hours to 72 hours to send money internationally.
  3. It is one of the cheapest ways to send money overseas. It charges 1% to 0.1%, approximately, of the transferred money.

The swiftness of wire transfer can vary depending on the bank, mode chosen (offline or online), processing time, etc. So we’ll be discussing the best and cheapest way to send money internationally in 2022.

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5 Cheapest Way To Send Money Internationally

Here is the list of the best 5 cheapest ways to send money internationally in 2022:

  1. Wise – Best For Bank Transfer
  2. Remitly – Best For Cash Pick-Up
  3. Paysend – Best For Card Transfer
  4. Revolut — Best for Banking Features
  5. OFX – Best For Cheap Costs
  6. Wise – Best for Bank Transfers

It is an easy and affordable way of sending money across 80 countries. To enjoy your MasterCard debit card, get it linked to your Wise account. You can set up a borderless bank account for free with Wise. You will be happy to know that it can manage more than 50 types of currencies. A monthly ATM withdrawal of up to $100 will cost you nothing, but if it does, you will have to pay a charge of 2% as a fee. There will be no transaction limit, as it takes seconds for your transaction to take place. Wise also gives you the authority to freeze or unfreeze your card according to your preferences. You can also save (hold) your money in a wise account and withdraw it whenever you want.

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  1. Remitly — Best for Cash Pick-Up

It is a promising way to send your money overseas. By being a cost-efficient option, it promises to send your money on time, but if not, the company will not hesitate to return your money. You can make a free account, but the charges depend on how much money you send. You can also decide on the type of currency that you will be sending away. It will take 3 to 5 business days to send your money abroad, depending on various factors. Also, there is an option for home delivery, though the timing will depend upon the location of your desired destination. There will be a 3% fee for using credit or debit business cards.

  1. Paysend — Best for Card Transfers

If you are looking for a flexible card that will help you transfer your money in seconds, then Paysend could be your choice. It charges you a fixed fee, depending on the card-to-card transactions. With 24% of available Monito comparisons in 2022, it has become the cheapest way to send your money internationally. You can also use Paysend banking for credit or debit cards at an affordable fee.

  1. Revolut — Best for Banking Features

Revolut is a big name in banking. It already has 12 million users globally. It will send your money across the seas by covering more than 28 currencies. Also, charging a small fixed commission, they offer you some of the best transaction sites globally. The things you need to know about Revolut are that it will take one business day to send money and you can exceed your transfer money by more than USD 1 billion.

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  1. OFX – Best For Cheap Costs

OFX has processed $100 billion since 1998 and continues to do so today. OFX provides the best transaction app at a low cost. Through this app, you can send the desired amount of cash internationally. The application comes in handy and can be used via its website or even on your mobile phone. Over 91 countries’ transfer fees are zero, making it the best and cheapest way to send money internationally in 2022. The additional charges are much lower than any other application. For a quick transfer, it might not be the best option. Also, the minimum send amount must exceed $1000.

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Q1. What costs are there to consider when making international transfers?


When sending money overseas, there are a few significant expenses to be aware of that, depending on the company you choose, may keep fees to a minimum or leave you severely out of cash. These consist of:

  1. Transfer cost

What do you consider before sending money across borders? That is to know the cheapest way to send money abroad. The fee your supplier will charge for your transfer is known as the “transfer cost.”

The cost of your transfer is almost always not disclosed by the provider. Some companies are more adept at facilitating the cheapest money transfer possible between two specific nations than others. Transfer costs may vary between money transfer companies.


  1. Exchange Rate

To give you an idea of the current exchange rates across currencies, websites like Google and Reuters offer exchange rates referred to as mid-market prices. If you are looking in advance, these tend to alter regularly. The mid-market rate is where the purchase and sell rates are for any given currency pair on the international foreign exchange markets. The magnitude of this margin between providers influences how competitive the exchange rates they offer are, since money transfer companies typically add a margin on the mid-market rate to earn money.

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Q2. Why are money transfer providers the cheapest way to send money abroad?

Since most money transfer services are digital, they are more cost-effective than conventional. It enables them to provide lower fees for international money transfers.


Peer-to-peer transfer services

Most internet transfer companies have P2P money pools in the nations where they do business. It allows a significant reduction in costs and transfer fees.

You can do your purchasing and selling; rather than transferring your funds and waiting for them to turn into a new currency. This transmission is incredibly cheap for sending smaller amounts of money abroad.


Specialist providers

Money transfer companies concentrate on how they can send their consumers’ money abroad faster, more affordably, and with greater reliability than any other service.

Since banks do not have expertise in overseas transactions, money transfer firms can charge less than banks. Additionally, the rivalry among providers only serves to cut prices.


Q3. How can I minimize the costs of transfers?

Depending on the nation you are sending your money to, several methods are more affordable than others. You can end up paying fewer fees if you send the money to a country where online money transfers are popular. On the other hand, transfer fees tend to be higher in nations with fewer transfers.

It’s always a good idea to plan and do some research comparing several services to locate the cheapest international money transfer, unless you are making the transfer in an emergency. You may discover that some money transfer services are less expensive on specific routes than others.

Q4. How can I send money to another country without a fee?

Many money transfer businesses provide international money transfers at a big discount compared to traditional banks. For instance, TransferWise will transfer your money at the mid-market rate for a small upfront fixed fee for each transfer you make. The mid-market exchange rate may be marked up by some providers, like XE, but they won’t charge a fee for a bank-to-bank transfer.

As an alternative, a few banks do charge no fees for international money transfers made to an affiliated foreign bank. It can be the best option to transfer money between your accounts for no cost, both you and the recipient have open accounts with the same banking company.

Q5. How do I avoid international wire transfer fees?

We advise working with an expert money transfer company. These are client-focused companies that make it simple, quick, and secure to send money. They are incredibly effective and charge considerably lower fees than your bank because they exclusively specialize in moving money abroad.

It’s easy to use a provider of currency transfers. You can open an account and begin to send your money in less than a day. Typically, you can pay for your transfer with a credit or debit card, your bank account, or both. The recipient can frequently get money immediately into their bank account, pick it up in cash, or take advantage of various ways to access their funds.

Q6. How much do banks charge for international money transfers?

There is no such thing as a fixed international bank transfer cost because there are many different influencing elements. The country, currency, time, and transaction speed are all examined well before sending your money overseas. Therefore, the only way to find out the cost of an international bank transfer is to speak with the appropriate payment provider and ask about their fees for handling a particular transaction.

International bank transfers are rarely simple business deals. As a result, banks and other payment processors were expected to impose fees on clients sending money abroad. It includes fees for processing payments, foreign exchange, bank deductions, and other expenses. The benefit recipient frequently pays a fee for receiving the money internationally for these services.

We advise comparing the best and the cheapest way to send money internationally to get great deals and save yourself from the fees companies charge you for wire transfers. Making a smart decision is a much wiser move than making a rush decision, and to do that, compare at least 5 companies, do proper research, and then proceed further.

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