halloween hacks

Halloween Hacks: Innovative Ideas for Halloween Décor

Make this Halloween more enjoyable with these ingenious time-saving hacks, do-it-yourself guides, and scary-good ideas. These Halloween hacks will get you through the next several weeks in style, just in time for all the spooky parties and trick-or-treating that the season brings.

Learn simple techniques for carving pumpkins and get inspiration for adding spooky touches to your Halloween bash by reading the hints provided below. This is a blast!

  • All the classics are back in style

halloween hacks

Fifi Mahony’s, the French Quarter mecca for outrageous bespoke wigs and glitzy accessories, operates at full speed seven days a week in the last days of October.

Which begs the question: what exactly are the season’s great, unadorned hordes looking for? Salesman Timothy Wegner, who has had a particularly stressful day, reports that many customers are opting for traditional Halloween costumes.

You can chalk up the popularity of witches, vampires, ghosts, and monsters to a sense of nostalgia or catharsis.

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  • The kind of images that are perfect for binge-watching

If you’re looking for a last-minute costume this year, drag performer Apostrophe recommends browsing your streaming library for witchy and high-impact stage ensembles.

If you were to ask, “What is popular on Netflix right now? The squid game is quite well-liked. The priest at Midnight Mass is a vampire Catholic,” he claims.

Another genre he frequently uses is reimagined classics set in the context of contemporary culture. Perhaps the Bride of Frankenstein meets Carrie Bradshaw, or Cruella De Vil undergoes a makeover.

“If that’s the kind of thing you’re going for, those will be a hit with the crowd,” he promises. Since Apostrophe hosts a weekly drag show at the bar Oz in the French Quarter, he is no stranger to large crowds.

  • Aim for the moon and stars.

Even celebrities are easy targets for last-minute Halloween costumes. Pick an unforgettable photo of the celebrity, down to the finest details (like Britney Spears’ full-denim outfit from 2001 or Billy Porter’s eye-catching fringe from the 2020 Grammys).

Anyone who even somewhat resembles their favourite celebrity gets a gold star. The average person “looks like” someone else, Thomas argues. Take a chance and lean in.

  • Redesign the Basics of Ready-To-Wear

The dreaded costume-in-a-bag, ah. Thomas argues, “you should do something to tone down the brilliant, synthetic hue of the polyester” in a creative city like New Orleans, but it will do in a pinch.

Make it look like nighttime by adding sparkles, scuffs, or string lights. Thomas claims that a store-bought outfit may be made much scarier by fraying edges and ruining the fabric.

“It’s incredible how many different ways there are to age objects,” she enthuses. I’ve patinated cloth by stomping it into the dirt in the backyard or by rubbing it with watered-down brown paint.

  • A transformation of garbage into a valuable find

When creating a headpiece, “I utilise a lot of odd stuff,” Apostrophe explains. In this creative reuse, take-out containers made of black plastic become a set of feigned eyelashes. In Emerald City, a collection of plastic test tube shot glasses took centre stage.

Even if you don’t have the flotsam hoard of a professional customer, any crafty person can find materials and ideas in their recycling bins, storage closets, and neglected bags of Mardi Gras throws.

  • Far and Away Superior

Wegner suggests that if you’re not sure how big to make anything overall, you should always go big on top.

It’s all about the accessories, so “get a statement wig, turban, or headpiece and let the rest fall into place,” he advises. Just throw on some oversized jewellery and dramatic eye makeup, and you’re good to go! If somebody ever asks you “what are you supposed to be?” your response should be “Fabulous.”

  • Dressing to impress

If you want your work to stand out, “it needs to dazzle,” as Apostrophe puts it. “I love the challenge of making something unassuming look fancy.”

For instance, he may replace blood with Swarovski crystals. (Normals can always go with sparkles.)

A regular serial killer can be transformed into a killer costume with the help of some strategically placed bruises, wounds, and oozes.

Putting rhinestones on the face is easy if you use a drop of eyelash adhesive, wait for it to get tacky, and then push the gem into place.

  • Put together a strong base.

Thomas recommends stopping at a local beauty supply store if you want to make your own headgear because they have a plethora of turbans, caps, and headbands.

If you want to start small, you can wear a visor or ball cap without the brim and add to it later. She explains further, “It’s easier than developing from scratch and having a headache all night.”

  • Makeup-heavy outfits are best done outside than Sephora.

Apostrophe recommends purchasing high-quality stage makeup from a store like Nikki’s Halloween Store. There will be less of a need to redo your makeup as often, and the makeup itself has a long shelf life.

Anyone planning on sporting a costume they’ve never tried before on Halloween should conduct a dry run or two. You’re going to “mess it up” otherwise, he warns, and you’ll be late.

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  • Start moving!

halloween hacks

Time is of the essence, whether you’re making it from scratch, purchasing it, or reusing something else. Wegner insists that the introductory phrase “you just need to start from somewhere” is the key.

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