Picture Hanging Hacks

Picture Hanging Hacks: My Go-To Decorating Tip Is This One: Always Straight Picture Hanging!

It can be difficult to hang a picture straight. Using this easy trick, your wall art will always seem straight and level. If you’re a regular, you’ll know that I’m always looking for ways to make my house better. I have done my fair share of wall hanging, what with my Master Bedroom Makeover (which has over 100K pageviews!) and my Kid’s Bathroom Flip.

I used to have a hard time hanging pictures straight until I learned this trick.

Picture Hanging Hacks

What I use most often to hang pictures straight is this:
I really, really, really wish I had known about this easy way to hang images a long time ago. As a result, I would not have had to deal with as much stress, wasted time, or unsightly wall holes.

And herein lies the rub:


  • Decorations for the Wall that Can Be Put Up in a Snap

Here’s a simple and efficient method for hanging artwork. One can hang a picture by licking their middle knuckle and then grabbing the hanger from the rear. Once you’ve got the picture where you want it, press your knuckles against the wall.

A faint impression can be made with saliva to help with nail placement. According to Leann Cormier, a reader. When hanging large objects on the wall, always be sure to utilize anchors.

  • Make Use of Your Smartphone’s Level

To you seasoned smartphone users, this advice may come as no surprise, but for the rest of you, here it is. Using your phone’s level function is similar to using a miniature plumb bob.

A leveling app may already be preinstalled on your phone, or you can install one from the app store. Although a phone level isn’t ideal for major construction projects, it might be useful for minor adjustments and repairs. The nine top applications for home renovation that every smartphone owner should have.

  • Make Do with Paper Patterns and Duct Tape

Create a wall mural by taping paper templates to the wall in an organized fashion using low-adhesive masking tape. To get a set of images perfectly aligned, use a laser level to draw a temporary red line.

When using the laser level, you may easily draw a straight line without damaging the walls. A regular carpenter’s level will do the trick as well. Read this helpful tutorial on how to properly employ plumb bobs and levels.

  • This Is a Really Fascinating Concept

How to hang portraits and other light objects more securely on drywall. You can use a hammer to force the rivet’s stem into the wall. When you hang the picture, the rivet head won’t accidentally slide into the wall.

A bundle of rivets measuring 1/8 inch in diameter can be purchased from a hardware store for less than $5. A quote from Alvin Lewis, a reader. Straight and level hanging is the standard for hanging artwork and wall décor.

  • Pronounced as “pull tab hook”

In the event that you find yourself short a few sawtooth hangers while hanging artwork, simply reach for a nearby soda can. You can snap off the pull tab by bending it back and forth repeatedly.

Attach it to the back of your frame using screws. To hang the artwork, simply extend the free end of the wire a little. Carrie Tegeler, a loyal reader

  • Define the Problem and Its Resolution

When you’re ready to hang a new piece of art on the wall, use this clever method to mark the spots for the nail holes. Use cyanoacrylate glue to attach the pointed ends of two pushpins together (such as Super Glue).

Press in one of the pins at the upper rear edge of the frame, precisely in the middle of the picture. Simply prop the photo where you want it, press down to make a mark for the nail, then remove the picture.

In the case of wire-hung photos, simply measure the distance from the top of the wire to the pushpin hole and move the nail down that distance. This method is most effective when hanging images with hardware installed on the back of the frame.

Reader Richard Wooden is thanked for providing this helpful hint in an easily digestible format. In addition, here are a dozen easy tricks that will make your life easier.

  • X Denotes the Spot with Toothpaste

Another option is to put a tiny amount of toothpaste on the hanger and then push it against the template once it is hung on the wall.

If you take the frame off, the toothpaste mark will show you just where to hammer in the nail. In addition, there are 49 more surprising uses for toothpaste.

  • Calculate Everything

Measure from the cable to the ceiling with one finger still in place. Both this and the width will be needed to properly place the picture hangers. Moreover, these 20 clever tool hacks are something you won’t want to miss.

  • Yes, That’s Exactly What I Was Hoping For

Picture Hanging Hacks

Then, once you’ve decided how you want the templates arranged on the wall, tape them in place, then hammer a nail through the X on each template.

When you’re ready to hang a new piece of art in your gallery, simply remove the paper template. With the advice in this post, you can hang a full gallery wall with minimal effort.

  • Maintain a Steady Altitude

To prevent pictures from leaning on the wall, try using a dab of mounting putty (the same substance used to hang posters). Furthermore, instructions for operating a laser level.

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