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Google Hacks: The Best Google Search Tips and Techniques You Probably Aren’t Using

To put it simply, labor is always a chore. Constant pressure from superiors, short deadlines, and high expectations. Here’s the good news: Here are some strategies to help you relax at work.

So, how about that? I’m going to teach you how to make the most of Google Search, one of the most potent resources at your disposal.

Consider yourself to be fully informed. Try again. You may be familiar with Google enough to conduct a simple search, but that’s about it.

Here is a collection of tips and methods for using Google Search that will help you find exactly what you need faster and more efficiently.

These hints and techniques will help you at the workplace, at your desk, and in your personal life, whether you’re looking for a quick solution to a problem or want to increase your productivity.

Listed below are seven tips for making the most of Google right now.

google hacks

  • Indicators of quotation

You can get more precise search results by using quotation marks. When conducting a search, simply enclose the terms in quotation marks. Business studies is a fantastic illustration.

As a result, Google will return results that include the entire phrase you’ve quoted. Here, you may only search for items that contain the phrase “business studies,” while separate terms like “business” and “studies” won’t be displayed.

  • Use hyphens (-) to bypass a word in a search.

Just put some dashes in there. Use a hyphen (-) before a search word to prevent Google from returning results that are remotely related to the term you’re searching for. For instance, if you type “dolphins-football” into a search engine, you’ll only get results pertaining to dolphins the animal and not any NFL teams named after or otherwise connected to dolphins.

  • Tilde >

Tilde displays a list of results that are very similar to one another. By using this, you can instruct Google to return results that also include their synonyms. If you want to get better results from Google, try using the tilde operator before your search term. If you type “music classes” into Google, you’ll get a list of results that includes “music classes,” “music lessons,” “music coaching,” and many more synonyms.

  • The site itself is straightforward.

“site:” will narrow your search to only that one website. First, you’ll need to type site: followed by the name of the website you want to search. Then you can type in your search term or phrase after a space. Use “site: finest sandwiches in London” as an example.

  • best tricks for navigating Google

You can speed up your search results and your quest for the best sandwiches in town by using these tried and true tips. Photograph by Jeremy Selwyn/POOL/AFP

Filetype: Much to the Google trick up top, this input lets you exclude certain file kinds that are irrelevant to your search.

By searching for “warren buffet filetype: pdf,” you can avoid reading any of the clickbait articles that Buffer suggests. Only PDFs that are relevant to the warren buffet will be returned by this search.

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  • Use the keyboard shortcuts + F (also known as Command + F or Control + F) to search.

google hacks

Keyboard shortcuts Command + F and Control + F allow Mac and Windows users, respectively, to rapidly find a specific term on a web page when conducting a search.

Just think of how much time you’ll save not having to go through that huge wall of material; you might use that toward studying something new, like a foreign language.

For individuals who aren’t sure whether or not their Google search was successful, they can use the clever hack of adding an asterisk * to the end of their search.

Google can then use your input as a sort of wildcard search operator to fill in the blanks. There is no guarantee that Google will find the best result, so don’t try to relax. Google will still provide suggestions, but you’ll have to sort through them to get to the right page.

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