Should We Believe Iggy Azalea’s Legs? You Can See by Looking at The Calendar Just how Big Her Butt Was.

Iggy Azalea has been open about using plastic surgery in the past, admitting that she has had a nose job and breast implants. Fans are suspicious that the photos showing off her enormous behind are photoshop jobs.

The rapper had to publicly confront the rumors once they got out of hand. Ever since I can remember, naysayers have claimed that I have artificial butts. I have no qualms about discussing plastic surgery,” she added that year.

Unfortunately, that didn’t stop the rumors from flying. As fans continued to speculate about the procedure, one brave soul finally asked Iggy on an episode of MTV’s Wild ‘N Out how much of her butt was real.

The singer replied, “It’s real in your hands, but you’ll don’t need to be concerned about booty that’s over your weight class.” Wow, that’s one heck of a comeback!

That Which Iggy Azalea Has to Say


The rapper has had to defend her enviable posterior against repeated rumors that she had plastic surgery. Iggy said, “Of course, the butt is mine,” when asked if she had had bum surgery in a June 2013 interview.

I’ve heard rumors that it’s not a real butt and might be any one of a number of other things. Sometimes, it’s my underwear, I’ve been told. Injections, or implants, so I’ve heard. Numerous wacky examples. It’s been said, “It’s my flesh, my butt.”

Although the 25-year-old keeps insisting that she behind is authentic, she has been open about having breast implants. In March 2015, Iggy admitted that she had breast implants because she was sick of having to pad out her stage clothes.

She proclaimed, “I gained bigger boobs four months ago!” For the whole of my existence, I had been contemplating this same question.

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A Look at Iggy Azalea’s Comments

The Australian chart-topper confirmed rumors by saying she underwent a rhinoplasty. I won’t even try to refute it. She broke her silence in September of 2015, telling a publication, “Denial is lame.”

I’ve been open about my own transformations, including breast augmentation since I don’t believe that anyone should feel bad about altering their appearance.

“Your perspective of yourself can change a lot over time, so I believe it’s crucial to wait and make sure it’s the correct choice,” Iggy said frankly about her decision to have surgery.

She went on to describe her plastic surgery experience as an “emotional journey” for the magazine’s readers. Living with your shortcomings and accepting yourself is no simple achievement; neither is working to improve those imperfections.

It’s a challenging trip no matter how you slice it. I’ve had plastic surgery to alter some of my less-than-ideal features. I’ve come to tolerate many things that I despise.

Concluding Statement

Despite persistent rumors to the contrary, Iggy has been refreshingly forthright about any and all medical procedures she has undergone during her career.

Despite widespread speculation that her enviable posterior was enhanced by plastic surgery, the celebrity insists that her ample posterior is all-natural.

Because she has been so candid about the process of getting a rhinoplasty and a breast job, she is a fan favorite at MYA despite the rumors that have been floating around about her.

The Mc Opted to Get Larger Boobs. Despite This, Iggy Was Open About Having Plastic Surgery in An Interview with Vogue.

The rapper’s response to the question “What would you alter about your body?” was, “I did change something: Four months ago, I got bigger boobs!” Throughout my life, I’d been preoccupied with the idea.

She went on to say that she first avoided going public with the matter out of concern for the impact it would have on young women in academia.

“But then I realized I wasn’t into maintaining secrets,” she admitted.

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‘This butt is the real deal,’ I proclaimed.


2017 Azalea radio interview with Stav, Abby, and Matt on an Australian show: “Those aren’t bum implants; I promise! Although those aren’t my real boobies, the butt is.”

Iggy gave birth and, just a few months later, showed off her washboard abs while denying accusations that she had plastic surgery to achieve her flawless appearance.

Azalea is in constant contact with her devoted Twitter following. During one such conversation, she revealed that she had been in excellent physical condition throughout her pregnancy, a fact that, in addition to her careful attention to her food, had allowed her to recover with a figure that was nothing short of divine.

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