TikTok Users Love This Post Where Everyone Grabs Each Other In An Aggravated Dispute

Making online connections is at the heart of both social media and memes. While social media provides a platform for expression, memes are a method of spreading a culturally significant idea.

A meme is an image or video that has come to represent a group’s collective mentality. Memes typically take the form of humorous photo captions.

Nevertheless, video memes go viral all the time. How incredibly naive of me to have to define a “meme” for someone who is presumably already a meme legend. Have you heard that an old internet meme is making a comeback?

When the Hand Grabbing Discord Post fad resurfaced in February 2022, did you hear about it? It’s probably not familiar to you at all. All right, let us fill you in on the details of this meme. Don’t worry; if you can grasp it, you can play the meme game too.

Explain the Discord hand-grabbing post meme, please.


To put it simply, let’s say it this way. This is the trending meme that’s been all over the internet recently. A purple hand appears in this meme, holding a piece of purple text.

There was speculation that the purple hand in the image belonged to Thanos, which has led to its widespread popularity among users. You can use this as a starting point for your own meme creation by replacing the sample text with something even funnier.

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How Come Everyone Is So Excited?

TikTok is currently dominated by a meme based on the Marvel comic book hero, so clearly he or she is quite popular.

Among social media platforms, TikTok has seen the most rapid expansion recently. So, when something dominates TikTok, it immediately becomes ubiquitous online. Just like with this meme. Many others are joining in on the fad because it’s so entertaining.

So, what’s with all this enthusiasm?

It’s obvious how famous the Marvel superhero is because a meme based on him or her has entirely taken over the video-sharing app TikTok.

TikTok is, at present, the most widely used and quickly developing social media network. As a result, if something becomes viral on TikTok, it will soon be seen as a cultural phenomenon all over the world. Furthermore, this meme is no exception. It’s funny, so it’s hardly surprising that a lot of people are doing it.

Tips on Making a Hand Grab Meme Fit in with the Rest of the Memes Instructions for Creating a Hand Grab Meme, Presented as a Detailed Post!

You can understand what the meme craze is all about thanks to my explanation.

You’ll need to find an example of the Hand Grabbing Discord Post meme before you can make your own.

The normative process is always followed. In this gallery, Thanos appears alongside several different background art options.

The last step is to save the design and take a screenshot of the hand-held social media platform.

Users of TIKTOK are raving about the THANOS update.

Although the meme’s creator remains unknown, we know that it has been circulating online for a very long time and is widely used.

In February 2022, thanks to TikTok and Thanos, a trend unofficially named “I caught a Discord” is once again sweeping the internet. Here’s why:

Someone another made a variant of the meme in which Thanos’ purple hand is clutching the Discord post instead of a human hand.

The popularity of the meme shows just how much people adore the Marvel comic book superhero.

At the moment, TikTok has the largest user base and the highest growth rate of any social media network. This means that when anything becomes popular on TikTok, it quickly spreads around the globe.

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Next, combine the images in a photo editor (we recommend PicsArt).


Having finished your very own Discord Hand Grabbing Post, you can now proudly display it for all of your friends to see without worrying about revealing any of your hard-won design secrets. This information is being kept secret!

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