Dylan Macdonald: In His Final Stand-Up Special, He Gushed Over His “earnest” Mother.

Saturday Night Live alum and actor Norm Macdonald, who lived a largely reclusive existence in his later years, passed away at age 61. On the other hand, he had a son named Dylan Macdonald who also dabbled in comedy.

When Saturday Night Live featured a “Weekend Update,” it was usually hosted by comedian Norm Macdonald. After his time at SNL ended, he went on to host his own Netflix talk show, Norm Macdonald Has a Show, and a comedy series, The Norm Show.

The comedian had just one more take of a performance in his homeroom recorded before he passed away. In the event that he did not succeed in beating cancer, he hoped that his audience would enjoy one final good laugh at his expense.

After nearly a decade of fighting cancer, Norm realized he might not be alive for the one-hour program he taped in the summer of 2020. Netflix currently has the special titled “Norm Macdonald: Nothing Special.”

Norm, who was about to have surgery, “didn’t want to leave anything on the table in case things went south,” as described in “Nothing Special.”

Someone, somebody tells me who Dylan Macdonald is.


Dylan Macdonald is the name of Norm’s son with his ex-wife Connie. Dylan is 29 years old because he was born in 1992. He takes after his antisocial father and avoids social media. On any social media site, he is barely noticeable.

Dylan has a few dormant social media profiles. Since 2015, he has not used his Facebook account. His profile picture, from when he was about 5 years old, shows him with his dad and grandma. This woman can easily be his grandma.

Dylan and his dad made an appearance on Tom Green’s show in 2013. The rest of the town eventually learned that he was Norm’s son.

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Norm married his family therapist Connie in 1988, and they had their one and only child, Dylan, in 1992. After separating 11 years later, Connie reportedly followed Dylan to Los Angeles.

While Norm rarely spoke publicly about his family, he praised his ex-wife as “wonderful” and “excellent” in a 2016 profile. Norm was very cagey about discussing his personal life, including his relationship with his son.

When Dylan was just three years old, though, Norm made a passing reference to him in an interview with Conan O’Brien, saying that Dylan was a gorgeous kid and “he’s the finest.”

Dylan took like his father in many ways, including his sense of humor and his desire for personal space. He doesn’t share much about his personal life online, but he has been in a number of internet comedy skits.

Dylan is a fan of the actor, writer, and comedian B.J. Novak, and he and his pals previously started a YouTube channel.

Online comedic routines by Dylan Macdonald.

A user in the /r/NormMacdonald subreddit just uploaded a vintage black and white photo of Norm and his son, Dylan Llyod Macdonald. As reported by Celebrity Mirror, he was born on October 28th, 1992 to Norm and his ex-wife Connie Macdonald.

When it comes to his job and online presence, Dylan is clearly flying under the radar. He did, however, participate in a viral video of a Tom Green show with his dad.

Green tells a young Dylan (who appears briefly on screen) that he and Dylan’s father grew up “maybe about 10 streets away from each other.”

Yet, a Reddit thread unearthed a YouTube channel where Dylan and his pals perform comedic skits.

The channel, aptly titled “3rd Triumvirate,” features a wide variety of content, from Vine-worthy comedy and home movies to obscure sports gags from a series called “The Lead.”

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However, no new content has been added since 2015. We have no idea if Dylan is still interested in making comedic sketches, but they fit right in with the humor of today’s youth and the TikTok phenomenon.

What We Know About Norm Macdonald’s Ex-Wife According to Brillstein Entertainment, Macdonald died at the age of 61 after a quiet, decade-long struggle with cancer. “The comedy he wrote and performed was his greatest accomplishment.

He vowed that the news of his illness would never change the way his fans or family members viewed him “According to Lori Jo Hoekstra, his longtime producer, and friend, his news was broken to the public on Tuesday, September 14 via Deadline. “Norm had natural comedic talent.


To quote something he once wrote: “a joke should catch someone by surprise, it should never pander.” Not once do I recall him caving to pressure. We all mourn the loss of Norm.”

Macdonald was a regular on “Saturday Night Live” from 1993 to 1998, but he also had roles in films like “Billy Madison” with Adam Sandler, “Norm,” “A Minute with Stan Hopper,” “Funny People,” “Grown Ups,” “Jack and Jill,” “Sunnyside,” and “The Middle,” and he provided his voice for a wide variety of animated shows like “Fairly OddParents,” “Christmas (via IMDb).

In addition to his Netflix chat show, named “Norm Macdonald Has A Show,” he also presented the popular podcast “Norm Macdonald Live.”


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