Is Kehlani Single

Is Kehlani Single: Who Is Dating Now & Past Relationship Timeline?

In April, Kehlani revealed her sexual orientation as a lesbian during an Instagram Live.

The 26-year-old made an appearance in her friend and photographer Jamie-Lee B’s Livestream, where she discussed her sexuality in further detail.

“What’s up with me lately, you ask? That’s it, guys, I’m a lesbian now.” the split second before her pal yelled, “Bomb drop!” Now she’s been spotted hanging out with 070 Shake, a hip-hop recording artist.

The power of music has allowed Kehlani and 070 Shake to make their relationship official.

Is Kehlani Single

On Wednesday, a 4.5-minute music video for “melt,” a song from Kehlani’s most recent album “Blue Water Road,” was released, in which the couple openly displayed their love for one another.

Kissing, snapping photos, and making each other laugh, Kehlani and 070 Shake can be seen in a variety of places, from a picturesque forest to a humble church.

Kehlani and 070 Shake lean tenderly on one other in one moment, singing, “Wish I could build myself a nice apartment / One-bedroom right where your heart is.”

Kehlani posted the touching song video to Instagram and revealed the true incident that inspired it in a post captioned “a true story.”

The Grammy-nominated singer revealed that she and 070 Shake recently celebrated their seven-month anniversary in an interview with The Face published in April.

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Just lately, she ended her relationship with YG, the rapper.

The rapper YG was Kehlani’s most recent significant other. The couple went public with their love in September of 2019, after having dated for a few months.

Despite the fact that YG had just given birth two months earlier with his baby mama Catelyn Sparks, he claimed that his breakup with Kehlani was not because of their daughter. For five years prior to their romance, Kehlani and YG were just friends.

They broke up after Kehlani tweeted that she was single after YG was spotted kissing another lady on Halloween. Kehlani denied breaking up with Tory Lanez and claimed to be “single and focused” in a now-deleted post.

A song titled “Konclusions” was published on Valentine’s Day of 2020, shortly after the couple had gotten back together.

However, Kehlani announced her separation with YG via a solo single three days later. Kehlani explained her decision to end things with YG in the song Valentine’s Day (Shameful).

The song was obviously directed against the rapper even though she didn’t call him by name. The song addressed YG’s infidelity and Kehlani’s efforts to assist him in overcoming his substance abuse problems. In her song, Kehlani said:

Ain’t no regrets ’cause I’m proud and my heart was so pure and I’m never embarrassed of my love. Now I’m finding strength in the truth that you are nothing to me and I know the things I am above.

She is the proud mother of a son with guitarist Javaughn Young-White.

Many were taken aback by Kehlani’s pregnancy news because they were unaware of her romantic relationships. She eventually said that she had planned to get pregnant while on tour. On Nicki Minaj’s Queen Radio, Kehlani said:

I’ve always been primarily a touring artist, so when I learned that I could take some time off, I made plans for now. It was prearranged for us to just have to engage in daily intercourse for a limited amount of time. We were relieved that it never became a chore.

White and Kehlani share parenting of their daughter Adeya Nomi, while the length of their relationship is unknown. Social media users attacked White, claiming that he was a sperm donor because of his relationship with Kehlani.

Despite Kehlani’s clarification on the Queen Radio interview that he identified as bisexual, he was also accused of being gay. White first chose to disregard the reports, but eventually he responded to them in a tweet, saying:

“I’ve never donated sperm, never identified as gay, and never had a gay best friend, lol. I enjoy being myself, even being a dad to a stunning little girl. Have your facts right if you’re going to be aimless and nosy.

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Kyrie Irving, an NBA player, said that he did not cheat on Kehlani.

Is Kehlani Single

It appeared that Kyrie Irving and Kehlani were happy together in 2016 until rapper PartyNextDoor (PND) released an Instagram selfie of himself and Kehlani.

After the photo was shared online, rumours began to circulate that Kehlani had cheated on Kyrie. It wasn’t until the middle of 2018 that Irving finally cleared Kehlani’s name of the cheating allegations.

In what he called a “open letter” to Kehlani, Irving dispelled rumours that she was to blame for the separation. The NBA star wrote:

She did something incredibly heroic and respectful, but the fact that this story is still being told makes it seem really dated, and the rumours I’m hearing about people trying to hurt her on my behalf are utter nonsense. Many unjustifiable events have occurred due to people’s inability to comprehend what we went through.

Kyrie also stated that he did not appreciate the bullying Kehlani was receiving at her shows due to the alleged cheating incident.

In retrospect, it was revealed that Kyrie had met Kehlani on the same day he sent the message, but in a platonic rather than amorous capacity. After Kyrie apologised to Kehlani in the post’s comments, Kehlani decided to accept it. Kyrie explained to MTV why he had to write that message:

I hope no one ever does anything bad to her since she is an amazing human being. And from what I’ve heard, both from her and from others in the industry, people are showing up to her gigs and being generally annoying.

I would never wish it on anyone, but especially not a woman as exceptional as her. As far as I’m concerned, all eyes should be on her and her accomplishments.

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