Is Jacob Elordi Single

Is Jacob Elordi Single: After Months of Speculation, Reports Have Confirmed that Giannulli Are an Item.

With his starring roles on Euphoria and Netflix’s other original series, it’s no wonder that Jacob Elordi has dated a number of famous people.

Besides being linked to influencer Olivia Jade, The Kissing Booth star Jacob has dated Joey King and Zendaya, both of whom he worked with on the films Euphoria and The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Lucky for you, both of your questions are answered below.

Is Jacob Elordi Single

In this article, we’ll break down the actor’s dating history to date and finally address the burning question: Is he still available?

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To be honest, we aren’t shocked that Jacob’s first period didn’t last very long. The actor was recently photographed on a date with LA model Bianca Finch in a park, where he took shots with a vintage camera and played with several adorable dogs, including Elordi’s golden retriever, Layla.

They don’t follow each other on Instagram and neither has commented on the rumours of a romance between them. Either they are trying to trick us on purpose, or nothing is happening. Who can say at this time?

Olivia Jade

A lot of Elordi’s recent dates have been with the social media star Olivia Jade. After being pictured together on a date in Los Angeles in December 2021, they were immediately linked together.

The insider told People at the time, “Olivia and Jacob are casually dating.” According to US Weekly’s second source, the two have “been on some dates” but are “keeping it casual.”

Some individuals had also been flooding DeuxMoi’s email with information, including an allegation that they had seen the duo “looking paired up at Hyde,” where they sat in a booth between the hours of 1:30 and 3 am. They were allegedly “seen eating lunch together” at a Los Angeles eatery the following day.

After dating for a year, Jacob said he was breaking up with model Kaia Gerber. Additionally, Olivia recently split up with her boyfriend of two years, Jackson Guthy.

We had previously classified him as “coupled up” because of this development, but it appears that we may be able to remove that label. Olivia was seen leaving a West Hollywood hotel in late January 2022 with a tall, brunette man who was clearly not Jacob.

The popular Australian actor is currently back in his home country to relax and spend time with loved ones. Does this mean we have a fighting chance here at home? And we’re not just saying that.

Ms KAIA GERBER (2020-2021)

When Jacob and Kaia were photographed on a date at Nobu in September of 2020, relationship rumours immediately began. They “have many mutual friends and have hung out many times in the past,” a source told E! News at the time.

They share a laid-back demeanour and commonalities of interest. Jacob is a source of joy for Kaia and his presence is welcomed by her loved ones.

A month later, they were seen kissing, confirming their relationship status to the world. Kaia then posted a picture of the Valentine’s Day flowers she received from Jacob on her Instagram account.

Kaia gave Vogue an exclusive interview in May of 2021, providing an unprecedented look into the couple’s private life. Having a stable, secure relationship with someone I trust, where we don’t need or desire anything from each other, has shown me what it’s like to love without strings attached.

“Love is genuinely seeing someone, while lust is touching other people or wanting them,” she said to the magazine.

A source told E! News that the couple parted amicably in November 2021, but that was too late to prevent the announcement of their separation. Another source told Life & Style that the couple split up due to their “conflicted” schedules.

There wasn’t much quality time between them because of their busy schedules. “They were making things worse by moving in the wrong direction,” they explained to the media.

ZENDAYA (2019-2020)

When photos of Zendaya and Jacob on vacation in Greece circulated, fans went into orbit. They “appeared like they were getting a little intimate,” a source told US Weekly. Somewhere along the way, they were holding hands and flirting with each other.

They went on a movie date in Sherman Oaks Galleria in California in October 2019 after they got back from their trip.

The following November, they took a trip down under to meet Jacob’s relatives. In an interview with GQ Australia last December, though, Jacob referred to Zendaya as his “sister,” which confused fans.

To put it simply, she’s like a sister to me. You have to admit, Zendaya is a seriously talented artist. He gushed about how awesome she is to work within an interview with the paper.

Once again surprising no one, the duo were caught kissing in New York City in February 2020. As far as we know, Jacob and Kaia didn’t go on a date until November 2020, making March 2020 the last time we see them in a photo together.

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The KING, JOEY (2017-2018)

Is Jacob Elordi SingleAs 2017 came to a close, Jacob and Joey finally got to meet one other on the set of The Kissing Booth. They rapidly got close, according to King. She made these comments to Bello magazine.

When we first met, I thought he was incredibly cute, but we just hit it off as friends. As soon as we started talking, it turned to icky topics. But after some time, I began to think, “Hey, I might actually like this person!”

It is unclear when their connection began, but King told Seventeen that she began to see him as more than a buddy about a month into filming in 2017. By April of 2017, Elordi and King were Instagram officials thanks to a photo of them by the Hollywood sign.

In June, King made her Instagram debut by posting a birthday tribute to the actor, who is also a close personal friend. When the couple broke up, they deleted all traces of their connection from the internet.

Due to the dearth of social media posts from the couple in November 2018, their admirers began to speculate about their relationship status.

While Elordi tweeted his social media hiatus on November 14th, King tweeted, “Thank goodness I have my puppy tho.” Although they never said anything publicly, it was clear that they had broken up when they independently announced The Kissing Booth 2.

While filming the sequel and third instalment of the franchise, they maintained a high degree of professionalism that allowed them to get through the unpleasant moments and finally lay the series to rest.

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