How to Save Instagram Story with Music: To Download Instagram Video with Soundtrack [2022. [updated]

how to save instagram story with music

Instagram is great because you can add music to any significant part of your story. Your Instagram story posts will automatically delete after 24 hours.

To keep your Instagram stories accessible for a longer period of time, you can add them to highlights or create archives. The Instagram stories you’ve uploaded will disappear within 24 hours if you don’t save them.

It’s also not possible to immediately save a musical Instagram story to the gallery. To that end, how do you download Instagram stories to your computer?

If you save your Instagram story within the first 24 hours after uploading it, you can access it from your gallery, but Instagram won’t let you save tales that include audio. Instagram videos set to music can be saved in a variety of ways.

You may easily use online tools like “Story Saver,” “Instastories,” and “In sporter.” Use this app to download and store any Instagram video, including those with audio, to watch offline.

Your Instagram story is now accessible at any time in your mobile gallery. Do you really need to archive Instagram stories before sharing them? What about saving someone else’s Instagram story to your own device? In this post, we shall see the responses to these questions.

Okay, so let’s begin. As of late, we revised the article to meet your needs in 2022. The time for talk is over; it’s time to act.

There are four methods through which an Instagram story set to music might be saved:

how to save instagram story with music

  • Keep Your Instagram Story After Sharing It
  • You Can Preserve Your Instagram Video Without Publishing It
  • You may either highlight a story on Instagram and save it to your highlight reel, or you can save it to your Instagram archive.
  • Furthermore, instructions for saving an Instagram Story’s audio file are provided (even if it’s older than 24 hours) so you may listen to it later.

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The best way to keep an Instagram story you’ve already shared?

A photo or video can become part of an Instagram story. Taking a video or picture on a mobile device and then uploading it to Story is a far more cumbersome process. Simply record the experience in the Instagram story format and broadcast it to your followers.

Once an Instagram story has been shared, the user has the option to save, share, delete, or archive the post. In this manner, even if you delete your tale, the information contained within it will remain intact.

Learn the ins and outs of saving Instagram stories to your phone’s photo library on both Android and iOS.

Web-based Applications

If you want to save your Instagram stories on web-based applications, you can try any one of the applications available out there. Some of the Instagram story-saving applications are

  • Story Saver for Instagram
  • InstaStories Viewer
  • IG Live
  • Stories IG
  • EmbedStories

Archive Your Stories

You may also use Instagram’s Archive feature to preserve your stories for later viewing. The Instagram stories you create after activating this feature will be saved automatically. To enable the “Archive” function, please proceed as outlined below.

  • Go to the ‘Settings’ icon on your Instagram application.
  • Now, click on ‘Story Settings
  • In the ‘Saving ‘section, activate the option ‘Save to Archive ‘(Android) or ‘Save to Camera Roll ‘(iOS)

Manually Download Your Stories

You can also download your stories manually to your Camera Roll. To do this, follow the steps below.

  • View your active story
  • Click on the three dots at the bottom of the story and tap ‘Save.’
  • Now, select the ‘Save Photo/Video’ option to save your pictures or videos.
  • Now, select the ‘Save Story’ option to save everything from your story as a single video.

Save Your Stories

The Instagram Stories Highlights is an option that you can create themed highlights, and you can save them and publicly store stories or posts. Follow the below steps to save an Instagram story in Highlights.

  • Open the story or go to your Archive and click on ‘Saved Stories’.
  • Click on the Highlight icon at the bottom of the story screen.
  • Now, choose a Highlight category or ‘Add new ‘.

To create the Highlight of the archived stories by the steps given below.

  • Tap the ‘+’ icon in Stories Highlights below your profile details
  • Select any one of the stories you want to add to highlights, and tap Next.
  • Now, choose a cover photo and give a story name, and tap Add.
  • You can also add more photos or videos to your Highlight at any time by tapping on ‘Edit Highlight’.

You can also save the entire Highlight in one video, following the steps below:

  • In your Instagram profile and click on a Highlight.
  • Now, click on the people photos in the bottom left corner or swipe up.
  • Click on the top bar download icon.

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Is there a way to download songs from Instagram stories?

You can either take a screenshot or utilize a third-party tool to save the audio from Instagram Stories. Make sure you press and hold the screenshot button for the duration of the song if you intend to use it. If you’re using a third-party app, save the song by following the app’s instructions.

The Instagram app includes a narrative feature, but how do you save a story from the feature that includes music?

how to save instagram story with music

With the right music, your Instagram story can be preserved in a number of different ways. Using a website or app that automatically bookmarks stories is one option. Alternatively, you could utilize a screenshot and then edit the movie or photo with the music added in.


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