Who won YouTube vs TikTok Boxing?

Who Won You Tube vs Tik Tok Boxing? You Should Know About This You Tuber Battle

Austin McBroom won via technical knockout (TKO) after completely controlling his bout with Bryce Hall. The two internet celebrities wagered that whoever scored a knockout would have to pay the other $1 million.

In any case, the referee’s interference makes it unclear whether or not Hall will be responsible for making good on his debt. It doesn’t matter how you slice it, McBroom is the clear victor here.

After much debate, the judges in the co-main event between AnEsonGib and Tayler Holder declared a majority draw. After the ruling, the hashtag “ROBBED” began trending on Twitter, indicating that many people felt that AnEsonGib should have been declared the winner of the fight.

Despite losing to Jake Paul, AnEsonGib showed that he had made significant progress as a player. He appeared ill-prepared for the battle with Paul, but he fared much better against Holder. While he was disappointed not to win, his performance earned him more respect from boxing fans.

Is there going to be a rematch between YouTube and TikTok?

Who won YouTube vs TikTok Boxing?

After a year, viewers are wondering if YouTube and TikTok will go to war again. Although it seems unlikely at the moment due to the controversy surrounding the event, many of the fighters, notably McBroom, Bryce Hall, and Deji, have expressed interest in fighting again.

In fact, Deji has challenged Bryce Hall to a fight, which may have sparked yet another Battle of the Platforms.

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When pitted against TikTok, how much did YouTubers make?

The question of who should pay for what is one of the most contentious aspects of the whole affair. The first signs that something wasn’t right were whispers regarding unmet PPV goals.

When asked why the event only reportedly made $100,000, McBroom said, “100,000 PPV sales are [cap]. That’s a view held only by those who despise us. Scammers are basically stating that the rest of the fighting community and its supporters are worthless.

As you have all seen, Social Gloves hosted the largest social media event ever. Soon we’ll have the actual statistics. Don’t think for a second that Social Gloves tracked your PPV purchases.

Organizer Social Gloves addressed combatants’ allegations of unpaid wages on June 25, 2021. They are “working feverishly to check the financial results,” the business claimed. The event’s attendees were not paid, according to Vinnie Hacker and Josh Richards.

TikTok vs. YouTube: A Recap

After two eight counts and a furious onslaught from Johnston, Saurage is knocked out.
At the end of a long first round, Saurage won by a score of 10-9, but in Round 2, things heated up and Johnston won with a last-minute before the bell victory.

After Round 2’s 10-10 tie, Johnston continues to dominate in Rounds 3 and 4, winning both by standing eight counts after landing devastating blows on Saurage.

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How much did the war between TikTok and YouTube earn?

Who won YouTube vs TikTok Boxing?

Bryce Hall has revealed that he will get $5 million from the Battle of the Platforms fight (Bryce even posted a copy of the contract showing he is set to earn $5 million) and an additional 4 percent of the pay-per-view sales.

There’s a $1 million bonus at stake if he prevails as well. Even though Austin McBroom hasn’t disclosed his salary, he has stated that he is willing to make less than Bryce in order for the fight to go place.

In order to get Bryce Hall to fight him, McBroom remarked, “Look, I’ll promise to make less money than him.” To top it all off, Bryce stands to win a cool million dollars. It appears that money is coming directly out of Austin’s wallet.

Legend has it that there was once a time when such confrontations did not provide any financial gain. However, in recent years it has transformed into a cash cow for the entertainment industry.

I battled when there was no money, and now I see other powerful people saying that they won’t fight if there isn’t enough money. I got into two fights and then had to battle for my paycheck.

Now, other opinion leaders can see, they can comprehend, and can agree that this is a wonderful opportunity. Disregard the hardships of the field and the fighting. Many people claimed they were engaged in a struggle for financial gain.

AnEsonGib, an influencer, remarked, “Cool, I got a nickname Seven-Figure-Gibber, but I’ve got a true heart for this.”

It’s probably because there’s a market for it; after all, they all have fans. Obviously, there is money to be made in the combination of Jake Paul’s massive social media following and his growing fanbase of fight fans. Hence, the explanation.

Consequently, Deji argued, it merely serves to draw greater attention to the sport of boxing.

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