Dubai Porta Potty: It Would Appear that Influencers Are Being Poop-Sold To.

You’re lucky if you haven’t heard of the term “Dubai porta potty” in relation to online searches. Read on, though, if you are the type of morbidly interested person who searches for grisly things in the wee hours of the morning. You’re about to hear one of the most outlandish tales in human history.

The concept of paying influencers to fly to Dubai so that they can be pooped on (or in) for cash, receive luxury presents, and experience extravagant hotel stays for free has been said to be real for years; videos about this concept emerged on TikTok last month.

In the first class, one of my so-called friends was enjoying a particularly fibrous meal before the flight even began.



Someone in first class was allegedly complaining loudly about the high-fibre meal they were eating to a “friend,” according to hocus bogus. That prompted some inquiries from the flight attendant, naturally.

She’s eating all this crap like oatmeal and Greek yoghurt and she’s like, ‘yes ladies, I’m just trying to get my fibre in.'” “They’re sitting in the galley, chatting as we do, and the girl is like, “yeah girls, I’m just trying to get my fibre in.

Even though I didn’t probe for information, she insisted, “I’ve got to get my fibre in, I’ve got to get my fibre in,” as if she were desperately trying to share her deepest, darkest secret.

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The moment she’d decided to ‘take the bait,’ she was instantly sorry.

Tweet in response to Yael Peltz from @hocusbogus2.0 using the hashtags “#dubai #flightattendant #emirates #storytime” and “original sound – Claims.”

After some resistance, the flight attendant asked “the girl” why she was consuming so much fibre. In all candour, babes, she said. “I have to eat all my fibre ‘cuz I’m going on a boat tonight,” said the woman who was paid to “crap on Emirati males.”

What sparked the viral TikTok video of a toilet in Dubai?

The origin of the TikTok craze is shrouded in mystery, but this phenomenon is hardly novel. Bodily fluid kinks have been around for a long time and have their own subcultures on BDSM-like forums.

No sexual interest or fetish is restricted to members of any one race or gender. While it’s puzzling how Arab men in particular grew enamoured with this fad, it’s important to remember that perception is sometimes at odds with reality.

Because of TikTok’s popularity, it may just appear like many people are engaging in this behaviour. Of course, there will always be attention-seekers who invent absurd tales online.

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A Porta Potty in Dubai? What Does That Mean?


First, let it be known that there is zero evidence that this occurs in Dubai and is instead just an April 2022 online rumour.

Rumour has it that influential young women participate in the “Dubai Porta Potty” for money or presents.

It’s a rather revolting concept, but the idea is that the women involved let other people defecate on them in exchange for purses, shoes, and other luxuries.

If you guessed “poop” or “pee,” you’re correct. I know, right? There have been whispers, however, that this is the case.

One definition of “expensive escort” in Urban Dictionary states that these women are “purchased by affluent men” for use as toilet paper at yacht parties.

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