Jason Derulo's Ex Jena Frumes Claims He Cheated on Her

Prior to Their Split, Jena Frumes Claims Jason Derulo Had an Affair with Another Woman.

Jena Frumes has opened out about their relationship history nearly a year after Jason Derulo and Jena Frumes broke up.

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Jason Derulo's Ex Jena Frumes Claims He Cheated on Her

“I wouldn’t call myself a whore,” Frumes, a 28-year-old Instagram user, wrote in a remark on Thursday. Even though we wanted to be married, things didn’t work out, I think it’s better to be single than to be in a relationship where you’re continually disrespected, cheated on, and misled.

Is it better to keep quiet and let others like you “approve” of you, or do you prefer to speak out? A month after being first linked to the 32-year-old musician, the social media star has reaffirmed her stance.

When women are treated and condemned as they are, they don’t deserve it.” In an Instagram Story on Thursday, she said, “No one wishes to be a single mother.”

My personal pain and failure are knowing that I’m the only one going through this.” That partnership will never be peaceful, though, if your non-negotiables are being put to the test.”

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If the streets come first I can’t change that, so quit blaming the ladies like we decided to raise our children alone. That shit is really aggravating. The things women go through to make it work’ are something you have no idea about. “It wasn’t about the money or the fame,” he says.

Jason King, the 13-month-old son of Derulo and his ex-girlfriend, was due to be born in May 2021, but she said that she and Derulo were “in love” and that they planned to conceive ahead of time.

We have to get on with our lives after this failed experiment. Let me be alone,” she said in her final social media post. In September 2021, just over four months after the birth of their first child, the “Talk Dirty” singer disclosed the couple had split.

“Jena and I have decided to separate ways,” Derulo wrote on Twitter at the time, in a message that has since been deleted. However, we believe this time apart will help us to be the greatest versions of ourselves and the best parents we can be. “At this time, we ask that you respect our privacy.”

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Jason Derulo's Ex Jena Frumes Claims He Cheated on Her

It wasn’t until a few months after his birth that Derulo and the model decided to post a picture of their baby online.

In May 2021, Frumes posted on Instagram Story, “I’ve been pretty private this entire journey, which has provided me so much peace.” The decision not to post a picture of my baby online is MINE alone.

Many of you think you’re entitled to express opinions that no one asked you to express. My baby is gorgeous and healthy, but he or she is still a newborn and hasn’t yet been introduced to the outside world.

When it comes to my family, I refuse to let the negativity of social media interfere with their energies… For the time being, let’s enjoy this perfection all to ourselves.” The ex-spouses have since posted pictures of their son, Jason, on social media. Us Weekly reached out to Derulo for comment, but she didn’t get back to us right away.

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