Millie Bobby Brown Teared up The First Time She Saw Vecna on Stranger Things.

Millie Bobby Brown Cried Because of Vecna in Stranger Things

Spoilers for The Fourth Season of Stranger Things Are in The Next Paragraphs

Millie Bobby Brown Cried Because of Vecna in Stranger Things

Eddie Munson and Argyle, to name a couple of the show’s new favorite characters, were introduced in Stranger Things 4, as was Vecna, the show’s creepiest and most despicable villain yet.

The terrible telepathic beast that preys on the darkest fears and demons of his victims is, of course, as monstrous on the exterior as he is on the inside.

It was also stated in a recent interview with Variety that at least one of the other actors in the show was “visibly repulsed” by Vecna’s gory makeup and outfit.

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Originally introduced as the mysterious One, Henry Creel’s grown-up self, Jamie Campbell Bower eventually became the mutilated Vecna. A “second skin” comprising 25 distinct pieces of latex and silicone, which would take more than seven hours to apply, was required for this transformation.

Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Eleven in the film, had a terrifying moment on set when she realized who was hiding behind the mask, according to the actor.

That fight in the Season 4 finale, he claimed, “got her up to the position where she’s bound,” most likely referring to that clash “Suddenly, she started crying when I approached her [as Vecna].

When I approached her, she refused to look at me, her face contorted in disgust. One of the first things she said once she started crying and realized that it was me was, “I knew it was you when I could smell cigarettes,” because I, too, smoke.”


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