discord update failed loop

Discord Update Failed Loop: How Do I Fix Discord’s Update Failed Loop Error? Updated for 2022 ‍

Are you baffled as to why your Discord update failed? Learn why Discord’s updates fail and how to solve them in the following paragraphs.

Discord, a popular VoIP service among gamers (in particular), is constantly receiving new features and problem patches. Voice, video, and text messaging are all modes of communication that Discord users have access to.

The Discord software development team works hard to keep users happy by releasing new versions of the software on a regular basis.

When Discord is out of date, it won’t open. As a result, seeing the following discord update fail repeatedly is a nuisance.

Update the patch for the loop that was previously in place.

discord update failed loop

Greetings to all of you. The “Failed to update” message popped up every time I tried to open the Windows version of Discord today, which is an unusual occurrence. What worked for me may work for you.

If you’re using Windows 8.1, please bear in mind that this may not work in Windows 10.

Discord should not be running in a web browser when you are doing this.

via “uninstall programs,” I removed the Discord software.

Right-clicked on the Start button and selected “Run.” Typed in “percent application data” and deleted the Discord folder.

As before, enter in the percent local app data and delete the discord folder again.

Shut down and restart your computer.

In my instance, I disable Avast for 10 minutes because I have that choice with my anti-virus software.

Discord app can be reinstalled and all previous updates will be installed before it starts up again.

Here’s hoping they’ll work for you as well. I should also point out that I am not a tech specialist, so please be aware that I may not be able to address any of your technical inquiries.

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What’s up with Discord’s incessant check for new versions?

There are three possible causes for Discord to become stuck updating, and it will continue to do so indefinitely. The most common explanation given is that Discord requires administrator-level credentials to perform certain activities and install the most recent Discord upgrades.

Second, a network issue can lead to incomplete downloads that Discord tries to install and fails to update, resulting in a loop. Discord update. Another cause to fix Discord Stuck at upgrading is if the cache is corrupted or out of date.

Discord should be run as an administrator at all times.

As far as fixes go, this one is the most popular and has worked for many customers throughout the world. Although it may seem small, launching programs with administrator privileges has been shown to work wonders in numerous situations, including this one.

Administrator rights are required for many apps to continue running. There are various permissions that Discord needs in order to run and connect to the internet on a system. Try running the application as an administrator!

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Rename Discord’s Update.exe file

discord update failed loop

If there was a problem with the update file, you can rename it and get the update on your PC.

Here are the steps to rename Discord’s update file:

  1. Press Windows key + R.
  2. Paste C:\Users\Your Username\AppData as the path.
  3. Click on the Local Folder.
  4. Then click on the Discord Folder.
  5. Find the Update file and right-click on it.
  6. Rename it to UpdateX.exe (type it exactly as shown).
  7. Press the Enter key.
  8. After this run Discord as Admin and hopefully, it should fix the issue.

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