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Creator Studio: A Quick Guide to The Facebook and Instagram Creator Studios

Creator Studio is an Instagram and Facebook dashboard for brands and content providers. Publishing content and measuring performance across accounts on both platforms is made much easier with this integration.

If you’re new to Creator Studio, here’s a complete rundown of everything you can do and what you can’t.

In what way is Creator Studio different from other studios?

creator studio

Facebook’s free dashboard for managing Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts, Creator Studio, is available to social media marketers and content creators.

Scheduling and community administration are all integrated into one system. Influencers can use it to sell their content and work with brands on joint ventures.

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When and where may I visit the Creator Studio?

For both desktop and mobile users, Creator Studio is available.

Once logged into your Facebook account, go to to access Creator Studio.

It doesn’t matter what job you play on Facebook, as long as you have access to a Facebook Page, you can use Creator Studio.

Take advantage of the Creator Studio app for iOS or Android in order to access the dashboard on your mobile device.

Testing content variations

The process of experimenting with different versions of a piece of Variation testing is another fantastic feature of the FB Creator Studio! You can use this tool to create up to four different organic video posts.

Using Facebook’s content testing feature, you may experiment with different iterations of your video before it goes live to a larger audience. It then selects the most successful version for your business’s benefit! Your audience will respond better to various copy and image variations that you may test out using the variation testing feature.

Creating and distributing content

Facebook Creator Studio also lets you start live streams and publish stories. These types of content are excellent for improving user engagement.

It’s easy to share image-and-text tales using the Creator Studio story upload function. You can also add a call-to-action button in order to increase conversions.

The Live Producer tool, on the other hand, can be accessed more quickly through the Creator Studio.

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Dark theme

creator studio

A dark theme allows you to tone down your screen’s glare and experience YouTube Studio with a dark background.

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. In the top right, select your profile picture.
  3. Select Appearance and then Dark Theme. You can also choose “Use device theme” to use your device’s dark theme setting.

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