Jo Jo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers Were Reunited at Her Brother’s Wedding, Luke Pell Explains.

JoJo, Jordan Rodgers’ Wedding Reunion With Luke Pell Explained

It’s time for Bachelor Nation to get back together! JoJo Fletcher’s brother’s wedding was a surprise to some fans, but it turns out that Amanda Mertz, the fiancée of Luke Pell, is related to the Fletcher family.

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JoJo, Jordan Rodgers’ Wedding Reunion With Luke Pell Explained

“I thought it was fantastic. Pell revealed exclusively to Us Weekly that Mertz and Fletcher “had become friends” after meeting at Ben Patton’s now-Bachelorette wife’s party in Cabo, where the former bachelorette’s brother was the bachelor.

After the wedding, they had a little time to get to know each other. And, of course, I’ve seen Jojo and Jordan [Rodgers] at other Bachelor Nation gatherings and activities throughout the years.

This year, Fletcher and Rodgers tied the knot after meeting on the ABC show in 2016. Pell proposed to Mertz earlier this month while they were both in Italy.

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“We’re all tight and we love each other, and we’re excited for each other and able to support each other,” Pell said. “Jojo and Jordan’s wedding was only a month or so ago. The opportunity to catch up with them and learn about their recent activities was a treat.”

JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers Reunite at Luke Pell’s Sister-in-Wedding: Law’s Luke Pell explains the reunion to Amanda Mertz, Jordan Rodgers, and JoJo Fletcher Image courtesy of Instagram user Luke Pell. Their wedding last summer featured a selfie with Pell who told Us that the situation wasn’t awkward at all.

He went on to say, “It was fantastic. We all had a great time swimming together as a group at our wedding reception.

For Pell, the experience of appearing on a reality dating show of any kind, especially The Bachelor, is a “roller-coaster.” There is an option for everyone after the show is over, I believe.”

You may then ask, ‘Well, do you want to continue being a serial, reality TV star and pursuing more TV shows and enjoying just that portion of your life?’ Is it more important to pursue a romantic relationship and prepare for the next stage of your life, such as raising a family?

After going through that section of my life, I feel so confident in my current situation.”

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JoJo, Jordan Rodgers’ Wedding Reunion With Luke Pell Explained

Pell and his fiancee will soon be moving to Scottsdale, Arizona, where they will begin arranging their wedding.

A ranch in Texas is a possibility, he said, and the couple is “aiming for spring of ’23.”


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