How to Delete Instagram Account: Step-By-Step Instructions on How to Cancel or Delete Your Instagram Account

how to delete instagram account

Deleting Instagram isn’t as simple as it should be, whether you’ve decided you no longer need the app because you’ve outgrown the need for a certain finsta or because its parent company Meta is once again courting controversy.

It wasn’t even possible to do so from within Instagram until lately. You can take this opportunity to make the now-traditional “I’m leaving Instagram” post. You then can choose between two different approaches.

Use the Instagram iPhone app:

how to delete instagram account

After 30 days, your account and all associated data will be deleted permanently and cannot be recovered, regardless of whether you received a confirmation email.

During those 30 days, the content is not seen by other Instagram users and is still subject to Instagram’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. After the deletion process has begun, it could take up to 90 days to finish.

After 90 days, we may still have copies of your content in backup storage in case of a disaster, a software mistake, or some other data loss event.

In the event of a legal dispute, violation of our Terms of Service, or the need to avert imminent physical damage, we may also retain your information. Read our Privacy Policy for more information.

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Erasing Your Instagram Account via The Mobile App for Ios or Android

When using an iPhone, Instagram may be deleted with relative ease. To change these settings, access your profile, press the hamburger menu in the top right, and then choose Settings. Then, select Account from the drop-down selection. Under the Branded Content tab, you’ll find the option to delete your account.

If you see this option, tap it to access a menu where you can choose whether to permanently delete your account or temporarily deactivate it; for more information on the latter, see the “Temporarily suspending your Instagram account” section below.

When you click the Delete Account button, you’ll be given the option to halt the deletion process until the specified date by logging back in.

The program will take you to a web page after you tap the red Continue removing account button. Here, you’ll be asked why you’re deleting your account, and after providing an explanation, you’ll be able to proceed with the deletion.

According to Apple’s guidelines, Instagram’s iOS app must provide a way to permanently cancel your account. In our experience, this feature hasn’t always been accessible on the Android app.

Follow the steps for iOS above to see if the Delete Account option is available; if it isn’t, you’ll need to use a web browser.

Get a copy of your Instagram information and store it safely.

If you’re thinking of deactivating or deleting your Instagram account, you should download a copy of everything you’ve posted there beforehand.

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Instagram for iOS and Android: A Guide to Data Export

how to delete instagram account

  • If you want to save your Instagram photos and videos to your iPhone or Android, you can do it by following these steps:
  • Select your image by tapping on the thumbnail there.
  • Select the menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the top right corner.
  • Click on “Your behavior.”
  • Select “Download Your Information” to save your account details to your computer.
  • Then, move on to the next step and select “Request Download.” You can have the information sent to a different email address by editing the one that appears. Put in your passphrase.
  • Select “Ask for Download.”
  • The file delivery time varies between 2 days and 14 days. Your Instagram information will be sent to you through email. Get your file by clicking the email’s download link. Your profile, complete with details about you, images, and comments, is among the data stored in this file.


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