Sonic Rom Hacks: Top Rom Mods for Sonic Games (From All Games & Consoles)

sonic rom hacks

When it comes to speed, nobody beats Sonic the Hedgehog. As well as being home to a vibrant fan-gamer subculture.

A large number of fan-made video games tend to emerge from popular series like this one. Just put Mario next to it, and you’ll see how enormous it is.

Additionally, I believe we can safely assume that these two have attended the Olympics together.

Personally, I’m pleased by the yearly emergence of new fan-made projects, especially given SEGA’s (apparently) insurmountable lack of direction with the series over the last decade.

There are several fantastic ROM hacks in here that will keep you occupied for a long time, whether you like the traditional 2D gameplay or prefer a more modern take on things.

Crashing Sounds

sonic rom hacks

Not to be confused with the more modern television series of the same name, Sonic Boom was released in 2009 as a ROM hack based on Sonic 2. The ROM hack was a huge success, taking first place in both the sixth and seventh annual Sonic hacking contests.

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Delta Sound System 2 Sonic

One of the several rom hacks that improve upon previous Sonic games rather than creating an entirely new game is called Sonic 2 Delta. Simply enough, Sonic 2 Delta is Sonic 2 plus some of the new levels and features from Sonic 3.

This remake of Sonic 2 includes Knuckles and the Sonic 3 file select, unlike the original Sonic 2. You could also say that Sonic 2 Delta is a combination of the first three primary Sonic games on Genesis.

An Epic of Hellish Proportions

Hellfire Saga is the rom hack you should play if you want to try something truly original and different. The game’s difficulty is reflective of its self-proclaimed inspiration from Castlevania and Ghosts ‘n Goblins.

The game’s many features include a health meter, challenging monsters with repeating patterns, and stunning visuals.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Extremely Special Extended Version

A further rom hack that enhanced Sonic 2 is called Sonic 2: Advanced Edit. Amy and Knuckles are playable characters in this hacked version of Sonic the Hedgehog, and new levels have Genesis Sonic-style level design.

Although more recent breaches may have usurped the title of “most time-consuming hack ever,” it’s clear that a lot of care and attention was invested in this one.

True Blue Legends of Sonic Mania

If you take Sonic the Hedgehog 2, add some Sonic Heroes, then sprinkle in some Knuckles Chaotix, what do you get? With Sonic Classic Heroes, you can relive the glory days of Sonic.

It’s true that on the more challenging stages of Sonic 1 and Sonic 2, having Tails and Knuckles to rely on is a welcome addition.

The End of Sonic 3

One of the most well-known hacked Sonic games is Sonic 3 Complete. The goal of this hack is to improve upon the original Sonic 3 by addressing its many flaws without changing the game’s core gameplay or aesthetic.

If you’re looking for a slightly upgraded version of Sonic 3 without any groundbreaking new features, this is the game for you.

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Sonic 2: The Extended Cut

sonic rom hacks

Explaining Sonic 2 Extended Edition shouldn’t be too difficult. That’s right, it’s Sonic 2 but with more gameplay time.

Due to the addition of new levels (some of which were supposedly cut from the original), the hack is considered to be somewhat lengthy. Wood Zone, Genocide City Zone, and Hidden Palace Zone are the supplementary levels.


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