Cheri Oteri Net Worth

Cheri Oteri Net Worth 2022: The Real Flex of Her Income

Gaetano Oteri, Cheri’s father, died of a heart attack in August 2008, shortly after getting into a battle with Richard Fagan, a songwriter and publishing partner.

Cheri Oteri grew up with three siblings, Denise, Brian, and Tommy Jr. Archbishop Prendergast High School where she completed her formal education.

Once Cheri had been working for A&M records as a promotions coordinator for four years and was 25 years old, she uprooted her life and relocated to Los Angeles.

Cheri Oteri subsequently became a member of the comedy sketch troupe The Groundlings. She was invited to audition for Saturday Night Live in 1995 after doing a monologue during one of Chris Kattan’s wardrobe changes during a show that was actually supposed to audition Kattan, a fellow Groundlings member.

A Second Chance for Cheri Oteri

Cheri Oteri Net Worth

Oteri was cast in The Colin Quinn Show, where she co-starred with her fellow Saturday Night Live veteran, Colin Quinn after it appeared her fans might never get to see her again on film. Cheri Oteri’s wealth continued to climb from here on out.

Oteri has established a distinguished career. Oteri has become a well-known Hollywood actress because to her many film roles. The list of films in which she has appeared is staggering: Inspector Gadget; Liar, Liar; Shriek, the Third; Scary Movie; Sol Goode; Park; The Ant Bully; Surveillance; Bad Parents; F the Prom; and countless others.

Oteri has appeared on numerous television series, such as Boston Legal, Hercules, Sit Down, Shut Up, The New Normal, Bad Internet, Not Safe for Work, Scream Queens, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Life & Times of Tim, Ally McBeal, Strangers with Candy, Glenn Martin, DDS, Dan vs., Comedy Bang! Bang!, The 7D (2014–2016), and many more.

Cherie Oteri’s wealth was significantly boosted by her roles in these productions. Additionally, Cherie’s body of work in the movies reflects her unrelenting personality. She’s the type who wants to put her skills to good use.

Cheri portrayed a wide range of famous people, including Jennifer Lopez, Barbara Walters, Alanis Morissette, Cyndi Lauper, Debbie Reynolds, Ross Perot, and Katie Couric.

Member(s) of Cheri Oteri’s Family

Oteri’s father passed away from natural causes in August of 2008. Her father Gaetano died of a heart attack after getting into an argument with his business partner and songwriter Richard Fagan.

Just before he passed away, he was caught for drunk driving and sent to treatment.

Birth and Childhood

Cheryl Ann Oteri, better known as Cheri Oteri, was born on September 19, 1962, in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. Cheri has three siblings; Tommi Jr., Denise, and Brian. She is the daughter of Patricia Breen and Gaetano Thomas Oteri.

When Cheri was young, her dad started a firm named Of Music and became its CEO. Sad to say, in 2008, he was stabbed to death in Nashville, Tennessee, and his roommate, Richard Fagan, was charged with his murder.

Fagan and Cheri’s dad collaborated on two songs that scored number one for country singer John Michael Montgomery.

At Archbishop Prendergast High, where Cheri was a student, the former actress and athlete participated in both stage productions and athletics.


Oteri’s professional life began when she was 25 and she relocated to Los Angeles, where she worked for A&M Records for four years. After joining The Groundlings comedy troupe in 1995 to see Chris Kattan perform, “Saturday Night Live” producers saw Cheri and were so impressed that they asked her to audition.

She first appeared on “Saturday Night Live” in September 1995, and since then she has played several recurring roles, including Arianna the Spartan cheerleader, Rita DelVecchio, “Morning Latte” host Cass Van Rye, and Collette Reardon

In addition to Barbara Walters and Debbie Reynolds, Oteri also portrayed Ross Perot and Mariah Carey. Through the year 2000, Cheri had appeared in 90+ episodes.

In 1997, when Chevy Chase hosted “Saturday Night Live,” Oteri said that he slapped her on the back of the head. As a result of what happened, Chase reportedly lost his hosting gig for the show forever.

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Net Worth

Cheri Oteri Net Worth

Cheri Oteri is a $2 million dollar actress, comedian, writer, and producer from the United States. Cathy Goodman on the truTV sitcom “Those Who Can’t” and Gail Hailstorm in the slasher parody film “Scary Movie” (2000) are two of Oteri’s most well-known roles, but she is also renowned for her time on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” (1995-2000).

(2016). Cheri has appeared in almost 70 films, including “Liar Liar” (1997), “Dumb and Dumberer 2,” and “The Wedding Singer.”

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