Home Technology Kickback Hacks: Those Are Some Very Impressive Techniques for Insulating Your Drinks

Kickback Hacks: Those Are Some Very Impressive Techniques for Insulating Your Drinks

Kickback Hacks: Those Are Some Very Impressive Techniques for Insulating Your Drinks

If you’re one of the 290 million people who drive in the United States, you know how rapidly the current gas costs may drain your bank account.

Many people are trying to find ways to save costs on gas, but there doesn’t seem to be much respite in sight. Phillips 66 gasoline incentives are the best hack if you’re looking for the same thing.

Don’t waste gas money driving all over town in search of the cheapest gas prices. Do you know where to sign up, though?

How well-equipped are you in terms of tools for this task? Can you give me an estimate of the time and likelihood of success? There may be obstacles in the way of your seeing significant fuel savings.

Thanks to DoNotPay, there is a method to make every minute count every dollar count at the gas station.

For those unfamiliar, what are Gas Rewards?

kickback hacks

Simply by signing up for a gas reward program, you can receive special discounts and other perks at any gas station that belongs to that chain.

It’s very uncommon to see gas station brands team up with other businesses, like supermarkets, to offer customers rewards like free or cheap fuel, sales on specific products, and even giveaways.

Other gas stations, like Phillips 66, offer loyalty programs via apps that provide benefits like lower pump costs for using certain credit cards (more on this below).

If you are a high fuel spender in more than one area, you have the option of enrolling in various fuel rewards programs and saving significantly.

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Why Should You Enroll in Phillips 66’s Fuel Rewards Program?

When you pay for your gas with certain Phillips 66-accepted credit cards, loyalty cards, or the mobile app, you’ll receive a discount.

To participate in Phillips 66’s gasoline rewards program, all you have to do is visit any Phillips 66®, Conoco®, or 76® gas station, make a fuel purchase, and you’ll receive KickBack® Points.

If that weren’t enough, simply by making a quick trip to your local convenience shop, you can pick up some extra KickBack® Points on the standard products you already use and love.

Choosing the Best Gadgets and Why

It should come as no surprise that we devote a great deal of attention to covering cutting-edge developments in the technological world.

We are, after all, gadget enthusiasts. We have published dozens of exclusive first looks this year, giving SPY readers an early look at upcoming tech from companies like Samsung, Anker, Apple, Lenovo, and SteelSeries.

In addition, SPY’s product reviewers have already evaluated hundreds of items in 2022, publishing in-depth guides to cutting-edge devices including flagship smartphones, Bluetooth sunglasses, and portable power stations.

Typically, when our editors are doing an evaluation of a product category, they establish rigorous criteria, compare the best available options head-to-head, and assign a score to each item based on how it performs in a series of tests.

Finally, we will have a neutral order of the best products. However, there is no scientific method to identify the “coolest” device, so we instead relied on our own preferences while compiling this list of the year’s coolest gadgets.

We’ve been keeping up with the latest industry news and trends by attending trade shows and press conferences, so we thought we’d share the cutting-edge technology we’re most looking forward to in 2022.

We have a deep love for these gadgets because of the positive impact they have on our daily lives.

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Rapid A/C

To quickly cool several bottles, fill a small tub with ice and water and place the bottles within. The next step is to add salt, yes, salt, to the tub to bring down the freezing point of the water and produce noticeably cooler beers.

Constructing a Refrigerator Shelving System

kickback hacks

Put binder clips on the shelves of the refrigerator and use the clips and the shelves as borders to maximize storage space. Then you may build a pyramid of beer cans and bottles against them to make a place for even more beer.


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