Is Doja Cat Being Criticized For Mimicking Amber Heard’s Viral ‘Bee’ Testimony?

Doja Cat criticised for mimicking Amber Heard’s viral testimony line on TikTok

A now-deleted TikTok video of Doja Cat mimicking a viral statement from Amber Heard’s testimony during her trial against Johnny Depp is getting her hammered on social media.

For example, when Heard was being sued for slander, she recounted the time when she said Depp did a cavity search on her and took her dog to the vet because it had stepped on a bee. When she reported that her dog had stepped on a bee, several people, including Lance Bass of *NSYNC, made fun of the actor’s evident flinch.

Her pet, “You Right” star, was stung by a bee on TikTok. “It is honestly hella terrible ’cause, she is a puppy and my dog,” she said. For the past week and a half or so, I’ve had her. A bee landed on her foot as she ran across the grass.

Finally, Doja added, “So you’ll all know the time. All of you realize what a terrible time it is! “It’s time for bed!”

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 Mimicking Amber Heard’s Viral ‘Bee’ Testimony

Doja Cat criticised for mimicking Amber Heard’s viral testimony line on TikTok

“My dog trod on a bee, she stepped on a bee,” she continues. That f—ing bee was crushed under my dog! As though repeating Heard’s May testimony, she squinted her eyes and jerked her head.

Some Twitter users blasted the artist for making fun of Heard, while others drew attention to Doja Cat’s recent spat with Stranger Things actor Noah Schnapp.

A private messaging discussion between Doja, 28, and Noah, 17, was published on TikTok, and Doja referred to Noah as a “weasel” in response. His co-star Joseph Quinn, 29, had been asked to “hmu [hit me up]” by Doja Cat in an Instagram message.

As one Twitter user put it, “She was just calling Noah Schnapp socially inept for sharing her dm’s and then she goes and does this.” “Doja Cat ridiculing Amber Heard isn’t funny and it never was when yall did it months ago too,” one person remarked on Reddit.

To further shame and belittle amber, the fact that she had one of the largest platforms on TikTok was heard.” Another user wrote, “Educate yourself and delete @DojaCat.”

“is Her Pr Staff on Vacation or Something?” Asked Another Admirer

Doja Cat criticised for mimicking Amber Heard’s viral testimony line on TikTok

As one commenter put it, “I don’t understand how the entire internet can trash on Amber but when dojo imitates her it’s suddenly awful.”

“Wasn’t this an actual TikTok trend?” exclaimed another. Isn’t that what happens when Doja does it? If you’re calling out one guy, then everyone who has done the same thing should be held to the same standard. To begin with, the case was a meme, and that wasn’t acceptable.


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