Is Doja Cat Single

Is Doja Cat Single: She’d Like to Get Hit on By Joseph Quinn from “Stranger Things.”

Pop star Doja Cat has not yet “Say So” whether or not she has a partner who remains unseen by the public. The singer, who is known for her openness, has been notoriously secretive about her dating life since she became a public figure.

The “Kiss Me More” singer may not be in a committed relationship, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t still think about love.

She told XXL Magazine in 2020, “Being a Libra, I’m romantic and I’m heart eyes all the time.” Some say, “All she writes about is sex,” and that’s a bad thing.

She told Paper Magazine that she tries “not to be political,” adding, “Like, I just love romance and sex.” Her songs frequently have sensual lyrics (she had the release party for her 2019 album Hot Pink inside the Museum of Sex in New York City). Nothing “-ist” about what I do makes for a very “-ist” record.

Despite announcing her retirement from music on Twitter in March 2022, she has eight nominations for the upcoming 2022 Grammy Awards (airing Sunday, April 3, 2022, at 8 p.m. ET), including Best Pop Vocal Album for her most recent studio LP, Planet Her (Deluxe).

To what extent Doja Cat’s (real name Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini) romantic life serves as an inspiration for her hit songs, nobody seems to know. Read on to learn more about Doja Cat’s alleged past relationships and any new suitors she could be courting.

Here is a timeline of Doja Cat’s alleged romantic relationships.

Is Doja Cat Single

Doja Cat’s romance with Johnny Utah was her sole high-profile pairing since she gained fame. His stage name is JAWNY, and he is a musician like Doja.

They began dating in 2019, and their relationship lasted all the way through February of the following year. In a sweet Instagram live video that is now an archived YouTube clip, they recount the beginning of their romance.

It turned out that they had been chatting it up in the Instagram comment sections before they finally made their way into the direct messages with each other. Doja admitted that, at first, she wasn’t a huge fan of JAWNY’s “Honey Pie,” but she did appreciate the way he moved.

A real-life romance blossomed from innocuous Instagram messages, but it didn’t last long. As soon as things started to fall apart, Doja went live on Instagram to tell her followers and supporters about it.

According to her confession, they were still on friendly terms with one other after the breakup and there was no awkwardness or tension between them. Soon after, in October of that year (202020), rumors began spreading about Doja and French Montana.

For what reason? They were seen cuddling on a yacht, but it turned out that the allegations of an affair were totally groundless. Doja clarified that they were working together on a song and staying so close for professional reasons.

Fans started speculating that Lil Dicky and Doja were romantically linked when Doja appeared in an episode of Dave. They played a romantic couple in an episode of the second season, but it turned out that they were only pals all along.

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Did Doja Cat date Bree Runway?

By the following summer of 2021, there was no longer any news of Doja reuniting with JAWNY or of her dating Lil Dicky, but there were reports that she was dating another female rapper, Bree Runway.

At a party organized by Drake, Doja and Bree were seen chatting it up, sending the Internet into a frenzy.

They uploaded a slew of endearing photos of themselves together to the internet, but it was the accompanying remarks that really had people thinking something love was blossoming between them.

Bree posted, “You know I’m obsessed with my woman! I 3 you, Doja Cat. Excellent evening. Doja wrote with a smug emoji, “I got a girlfriend and I’m going public: Bree Runway.”

However, the rumors were never addressed further, and suspicion about their putative relationship faded off very fast.

Doja Cat and Joji were linked romantically in February of 2022.

According to Reddit user rajmahchawal, Doja Cat has liked the music of YouTube comedian Joji since at least 2015. In February of 2022, Doja had to cut short an Instagram Live because an unknown stranger had wandered in.

Many listeners think they’ve finally pinpointed the identity of the man behind Joji’s distinctive voice.

At the 2022 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, he’ll share the bill with Doja. The reports have yet to be confirmed, and the two haven’t been sighted out publicly, but we believe they would make a very cute couple.

At the 2022 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, he’ll share the bill with Doja. These rumors have not been verified as of yet.

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How old will Joji be in the year 2022?

Is Doja Cat Single

Doja, a longtime admirer of Joji, a Japanese artist, and YouTuber, tweeted at him for a drink back in 2015 (you may recall this). Despite rumors circling about them from early 2022, the pair’s romantic involvement was not officially verified until much later.

How are you, JoJo? Doja’s initial tweet on Joji was (???) in January. It was said that the next month, during an Instagram Live broadcast, Doja expressed his admiration for Joji.

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