Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson Breakup

Exactly What Happened to Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian After They Split?

According to a source who talked to E! News, Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian have called it quits on their relationship.

It was “exceedingly difficult” for the couple to maintain a romantic relationship due to their conflicting schedules, so they decided to keep things as “just friends.”

According to a reliable source, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are getting divorced on schedule. They’re “joyfully co-parenting,” says Kanye West.

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 Kim published this collection of adorable photos three weeks ago.

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson Breakup

According to various sources just this week, Pete and Kim are still madly in love despite their long-distance relationship (he’s now filming a movie in Australia).

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While Pete has been abroad filming, Kim and Pete’s relationship was not affected by the distance, according to a source. Despite the odds, they’re still going strong and making things work.”

An insider said that the couple has “brief phone chats” and “frequent FaceTime communication.” “Kim loves that he’s always making her laugh and he truly makes her day when they talk,” they added.

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson Breakup

When it comes to him, she’s still smitten, and it works for her.”3 Meanwhile, a source told US Weekly only two days ago that “Kim and Pete are in daily communication” and that “they email one other love notes while the other is sleeping and FaceTime whenever their schedules meet up.”

For these two, long-distance communication is “exciting,” and they “can’t wait to be in the same spot again,” according to this source. That is to say, this breakup—which Pete and Kim have not officially announced, just in case you were wondering!—has seemingly appeared overnight.

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