Deeper Meaning of Better Call Saul Wine Scene Explored

Exploration of The Deeper Meaning of The Wine Scene in Better Call Saul

Others were exceedingly cryptic and sincere, while others appeared to be more plainly convoluted. As soon as I learned anything about them, it seemed like a breakthrough, bringing the character and audience closer together.

Gustavo Fring, Played to Perfection by Giancarlo Esposito, Is One Such Character

Better Call Saul spin-off and prequel Better Call Saul, he returns to reprise the famous role and remains a key presence on the show well into season 6. Indeed, episode 9 – titled Fun And Games – may shed more light on him than any other episode. Let’s take a closer look at the wine sequence in Better Call Saul.


Deeper Meaning of Better Call Saul Wine Scene Explored



As Gus begins the episode, he heads out of the house and into a restaurant bar. The bartender greets him by name, which indicates to the audience that he is a regular at this establishment.

When he asks for a glass of wine, he is interrupted by a wine connoisseur named David, who wants to spend the night with him (played by Reed Diamond).

It’s a pleasure to see you, Mr. Fring. I can feel it in my bones: “It has been a long.” It’s possible that Lalo’s personal life has been impacted by the events of the past few months, given the length of his absence.

Gus acknowledges, “Yes, it’s been a long time. Observing Gus’ mood improve when David enters the room is amusing, as their talk leads to an “amazing” glass of wine. More flirting behavior may emerge as the conversation progresses, but we’ll get to that in a bit.

Let’s start with the image of Gus sipping his wine slowly and thoughtfully. A eureka moment is brilliantly captured by keeping the camera on him while he thinks.

Even though he doesn’t say it explicitly, it is strongly hinted he realizes that drugging Don Eladio’s tequila would be the ultimate assassination strategy at this point.

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The Veil of Gus’ Sexuality Has Begun to Fall Away

There’s little doubt that Gus’ behavior toward David hints that he’s homosexual. In the Breaking Bad fandom, there is a long-standing belief that this is the case. Don Eladio assassinated Gus’s former business and criminal partner, Max.

Many people feel that they had a love relationship, and episode 9 is a reminder of it. Gus glances at the location in the pool where we know Don Eladio killed Max while chatting to him at his house.

Max is certainly on his mind when he heads to the restaurant, and the way he interacts with David suggests that the writers want us to identify this scenario with his relationship with Max.

Perhaps the wine reminded him of Max’s blood and the decision to poison him, which is why he left? Don Eladio reaffirmed the urgency of the situation. It’s not surprising that Gus didn’t stay to enjoy the evening, given how efficient he is.


Deeper Meaning of Better Call Saul Wine Scene Explored

TIME asked Giancarlo Esposito if Gus and Max had a love relationship:

“Again, it’s not black or white,” he added. It may just be. Possibly. Whether or not they were lovers is up to you, the audience, to determine. “I love the idea that it’s left in that way, it’s up to you as an audience to decide whether or not they may have been lovers.”

Giancarlo believes it’s “great” that “it’s not stamped yes or no.”

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