Here Are Some Spoilers for The End Credits Scenes of Thor Love and Thunder

Thor: Love and Thunder' End-Credit Scenes, Explained

Thor: Love and Thunder reveal that the Asgardian hero still has a few surprises up his sleeve, despite the fact that his iconic suit is sleeveless.

Third Thor film, Taika Waititi’s space opera, follows Chris Hemsworth’s hero as he takes on a fresh cast of baddies and old ones. Christian Bale as Gorr the God Butcher and Natalie Portman as Jane Foster star in the film, which culminates in a climactic fight between our heroes and Hemsworth’s Jane Foster and Waititi’s Korg.

The fact that Thor: Love and Thunder is a part of the MCU means that it can’t just wrap things up. There are not one but two post-credits scenes in the movie, and a few well-known actors appear in each.

Thor: Love and Thunder’s two end-credits scenes are examined by EW, and what they indicate for the character’s destiny is discussed. It’s time for some major spoilers!

Upon learning that Gorr is waging a global war against gods, Thor and his companion journey to Zeus’ domain of Omnipotence City to enlist the king’s assistance (Russell Crowe, rocking a tiny tennis skirt and a questionable accent). Crowe’s Zeus appears in the first end-credits scene after Thor’s defeat and humiliation of the god.

Healing his wounds, Zeus laments that “being a God used to mean something,” and he’s angry about how people now idolize superheroes rather than the gods they once revered. In the near future, we learn who he’s talking to Ted Lasso actor Brett Goldstein, who has been cast as Hercules.

Hercules, like his father Zeus, is a pop-culture hero who has a long history in the Marvel universe. In 1964, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby introduced Hercules to Marvel Comics, and the Greek hero has fought up against his Asgardian counterpart on a regular basis ever since.

Thor: Love and Thunder' End-Credit Scenes, Explained

As an antihero and a hero, he’s frequently been shown as a member of the Avengers team. Zeus and Hercules from Marvel Comics are not to be mistaken with DC Comics’ renditions of the same characters or Disney’s animated Hercules. Still, I’d like to see Goldstein do “Go the Distance.” ” )

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In terms of the MCU, Hercules is still a mystery, but Ted Lasso is a welcome addition to its ever-expanding roster. Ted Lasso’s grinning Roy Kent, played by British actor David Thewlis, has received critical acclaim and an Emmy nomination.

Also, as has been the case recently, the end-credits scenes in Marvel films serve as a platform for revealing new cast members. Iconic pop star Harry Styles starred as Eros in “Eternals.” In the same vein, Charlize Theron made her acting debut as Doctor Strange’s love interest, Clea, in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

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Thor: Love and Thunder' End-Credit Scenes, Explained

A cancer diagnosis is revealed in Love and Thunder when Portman’s Jane Foster dies in Thor’s arms despite the incredible powers granted to her by the god of thunder’s hammer Mjolnir.

Following that, we see Jane arrive at Valhalla, the afterlife for Asgardian warriors who have died in battle. Heimdall, who was murdered by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, greets her there.

Since Jane’s heroism is so rare, it’s a great touch that the scene includes her in Valhalla despite the fact that she is just a human. Additionally, it adds a poignant note to her cancer ordeal by emphasizing that sometimes, the most courageous battles are fought within ourselves rather than on the battlefield.


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