Is Emiru Single: Both Twitch Streamers Have A Close Relationship!

Is Emiru Single

Some social media users claimed that Twitch gamers Matthew Rinaudo, known as Mizkif, and Maya Higa, known as Emiru, split up in 2021. Emiru is a Twitch streamer and cosplayer based in the United States.

After she joined the gaming company One True King, stories began to circulate about her (OTK). However, there is no proof to support these rumors, and neither Mizkif nor Emiru have commented on this.

Top Twitch Streamers stated in August 2019 that Maya and Mizkif had confirmed their relationship in a YouTube video. Mickie confirmed their split in a tweet in September 2021, writing, “Please be aware that Maya and I have mutually chosen to end our relationship.

No event, no cheating, and no drama led to our choice, and we both want to make it plain. We came to the conclusion that this is the best course of action for both of us at this time in our lives.”

Are Emiru and Dyrus no longer in a relationship? Detailed Relationship Information

Is Emiru Single

We’ve already revealed their identities if you’re not familiar. Emiru and Dyrus are two of the most popular Twitch streams in the world, and many couples look up to them as inspiration.

A year ago, the pair began dating. However, they were first kept from the general public. For their own safety, they didn’t want anyone else to know what they were up to. Dyrus and Emiru were released to the general public on December 2 of the same year, though. Everyone in the Twitch gaming community adored them.

Is this breakup a result of something else? Dyrus will submit a confession on Twitter on May 1, 2020. There he talked about how he had wounded Emiru’s feelings emotionally. As a result, the couple was on the verge of splitting up.

Their followers were in disbelief. Emiru and Dyrus have been dating for four years at this point, according to the math. Despite the fact that it was on the verge of ending in a split, it actually did.

They never met up again. Also, Dyrus apologized for his actions and sought forgiveness, so it’s important to emphasize that. As a gentleman, he offered his apologies to everyone. They used to be quite supportive of each other because they both work in the same field.

In addition, they appeared on each other’s channels and played games together. However, a series of mishaps led to the couple’s eventual separation. Both of them have progressed since we last saw them.

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Dyrus Got a Second Chance at Love Thanks to Emiru

It was a thrill to see their favorite Twitch streamers play games together. As it turned out, Dyrus and Emiru were about to break up with each other. Dyrus confessed to his fiancée on Twitter on May 1, 2020, that he was having an affair.

He stated in the tweet that he wants to be completely open about his personal life. Because of his emotional and mental abuse of her, their relationship was nearly over.

Continued: He said his partner gave their relationship another try and that he was looking for therapy as well. To make amends, he pleaded for forgiveness and apologized to everyone involved, saying that he should not have tweeted the prior post in April, which has since been removed.

It was only later in the thread, after following up with an apology and an explanation of his actions, that he admitted he made a “very major mistake and said some horrible things.”

Emiru, who is Dyrus dating?

Cosplay artist Dyrus‘ girlfriend. Emiru.jpg is the handle of her Instagram account where she posts drawings depicting various anime characters.

She also enjoys playing video games. When her high school boyfriend forced her to choose between him and League of Legends, she ended their relationship, tweeting on October 17, 2019. She moved on because she preferred the game to him.

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Early Life

Is Emiru Single

An American father and a Chinese mother brought him into the world on January 3rd of that year in Wichita, Kansas, the United States. 2022 marks her 24th birthday. In her family, her father is an entrepreneur and her mother is a lawyer.

Nicolas, Emiru’s only sibling, was his closest companion growing up (brother). She turned to computer games as a child for solace due to her parents’ hectic activities. In high school, she participated in a few extracurricular activities, including soccer and tennis.

She decided to forego college after high school to focus solely on her career. You may learn more about Emiru’s background, race, nationality, and estimated net worth by visiting

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