Do Gero and Paeka No Longer Get Along? A Dramatic Breakup Occurred Among the Tiktok Stars.

One of the most well-known couples in the world, Parka Campos and Gero Hanirias rose to fame as stars of the online world.

They started dating in October 2017 and have since amassed huge fan bases across social media platforms including YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. While Campos’s TikTok following stands at 1.8 million, Gero’s is well over 480 thousand.

After getting together, Gero and Parka started a YouTube channel together called Gero & Parka, where they shared videos of their antics, challenges, and other couple-related content. The relationship between the couple appears to have ended.

In this article, you’ll learn about the backstory of Gero and Paeka’s split, Amador’s rumored participation, and Paeka’s professional aspirations.

The reason Parka and Gero broke up, she says, was because he cheated on her.


In the middle of February of 2021, Parka broke up with Gero and posted the news on Instagram Stories. There had been whispers that something was off between the pair because of their unusually long absence from posting.

Paeka wrote what many of his fans already suspected: You guys. Wanted to drop in because I know many of you have been concerned and wondering how I am doing.

Much of my suffering was not yet ready to be broadcast for all the world to see, judge, and comment on.  However, Gohan and I are no longer together. We’re going to take some time away from social media to recover and work on self-love in the most dignified way possible.

Campos did not specify the cause of the split, and the couple heeded her advice by staying off of social media for a while (but just for a few months).

In early May 2021, Paeka liked a remark under one of her videos that stated women are unfairly blamed for walking away from a cheating boyfriend, setting off the flames of a controversy that would dominate the internet for months.

Gero posted a video response on Instagram in which he claimed he needed to speak out to “clear his name.” “I have remained silent about the whole incident because I and Paeka agreed to keep things secret.

However, she has been attacking my name for weeks now, and I feel compelled to step up and defend myself,” Gero stated.

The internet celebrity continued, saying that the only time he believes he was disloyal was in 2017 when he met with a friend from middle school. He clarified, “This was never physical or sexual.” We never even shared a kiss, ” that person said.

In response, Paeka maintained that Gero was unfaithful and that she merely wanted the public to know the truth. Campos added, “I have actually revealed my truth about you being unfaithful,” implying that the drama was not over.

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She then said she would make a video for YouTube:

That’s not the only time you hung out with other women when we were dating; in fact, you’re probably still in touch with them.

You’ve completely turned the tables now by asserting, “We know precisely what happened in Houston,” so I’m going to make a YouTube video about it. You know precisely what you’re doing, and that’s what makes me so angry about this.

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How They Were Together Before They Split Up


They have a TikTok account, an Instagram account, and a Youtube channel all dedicated to showing off their adorable and entertaining relationship.

Fans and followers were taken on an incredible adventure while also being subjected to hilarious practical jokes on these accounts. They would routinely update the accounts, providing entertainment for their admirers and followers.

After it became public that the two had broken up, Paeka and Gero removed all traces of their relationship from their respective social media sites, including their TikTok and Instagram pages.

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