Is Hailie Jade Engaged

Meet Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Jade’s Fiancé Evan McClintock!

Even though Hailie Jade and Evan have been romantically linked for years, the two have always preferred to keep their romance offline. Social media star and Eminem’s daughter Hailie Jade revealed her engagement to Evan McClintock on Monday. Jade posted a series of adorable proposal images to her social media accounts.

Three images depicting Evan’s proposal were featured in Hailie’s post, including one of him on one knee and two showing them celebrating with champagne. She captioned the cute photographs with, “casual weekend recap… 2.4.23.”

Hailie elaborated in the post’s caption. “@evanmcclintock11, I love you so much.” For the uninitiated, Hailie has been romantically linked to Evan for several years now, despite her best efforts to keep their connection private. Haily was notoriously secretive about her personal life.

Who Is Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Jade’s Fiancé?

Hailie Jade Confirmed Her Engagement to Evan on February 6, 2023, After Six Years of Dating. She posted a simple “I love you” on Instagram. For a long time, Hailie’s relationships were kept under wraps. In July of 2021, Hailie shared an outdoor snapshot of herself and a beaming Evan, “I seldom share my feed, but when I do, I’m thrilled it’s with you.”

The beauty influencer’s makeup was as immaculate as always, and she looked absolutely wonderful. Hailie, who was wearing a low-cut copper sundress with slits on the sides, rested her arm tenderly on Evan’s left shoulder. Her hair was neatly tucked into an off-white trilby cap.

Since 2016, the Instagram sensation has been dating Evan. Both were undergraduates at Michigan State University, with Hailie focusing on psychology and Evan on economics. There are rumors that he is a serious golfer. A source said, “Hailie’s family have accepted Evan, they are a great young couple who appreciate nice nights in rather than hard partying.”

Is Hailie Jade Engaged

Nathan Kane Mathers, brother of Eminem, likes Hailie’s boyfriend. He commented, “My homie, Evan!” on the Instagram photo she shared. “She had a normal life at university and was in a sorority, she was popular, and she focused hard on her studies,” the insider stated. “She enjoys keeping a low profile, walking her dog and attending fitness classes, hanging out with friends, and vacationing with Evan.”

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When Did Hailie Mathers and Evan Start Dating?

It was on St. Patrick’s Day, March 18, 2017, that one of the earliest appearances of Evan on Hailie’s Instagram was documented. She captioned a shot of them holding each other with, “Feeling extra lucky today.” Evan works at Scout, an investigation management business, as an Enterprise Growth Executive. In his line of business, he is based in Royal Oak, Michigan.

Is Hailie Jade Engaged

He says that he has worked “in creating digital investigative methods and counseling on incident management” before. Evan McClintock describes himself as a “strong business development professional” with a “primary concentration in anti-counterfeit campaigns, workplace health, and safety programs, and special investigation units.”

Evan isn’t as forthcoming as Hailie’s millions of Instagram fans who eagerly await her next outfit or beauty tutorial. Nearly 800 people have followed him despite his setting their accounts to private. Fans made fun of the fact that Hailie’s father often references their personal problems in his raps in the photo’s caption. Please don’t harm her.

No matter what you do. Another said, “He must be so frightened to do something wrong when he’s around her father; your life will go down in history,” and Evan was told, “Your life will go down in history.” It’s likely that Evan is at ease around Eminem after his five-year relationship with Hailie has been fruitful.

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Fans Speculate About The Rapper’s Thoughts on His Daughter Hailie Jade Mathers’ Engagement.

There was an instant deluge of responses from other internet users once she posted it. The host of the Just a Little Shady podcast has received several accolades. In contrast, other people were eager to hear Eminem’s opinion on the proposition. I wonder if he asked the goat (finger on chin emoji),” a supporter joked.

Is Hailie Jade Engaged

While waiting for Slim Shady’s reaction, another user said. Imagine that in-law,” said a third follower. Another user noticed the “M&M” pun in both of their names. Mathematical Research Institute and McClintock. Okay, I’ll bite: they’re M&Ms (emoji). Behold the world’s bravest man!” another person kidded.

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