Dave Rubin Net Worth

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YouTube star, best-selling book, radio broadcaster, political pundit, and hilarious stand-up comic Dave Rubin has made quite a name for himself in the entertainment and media industries.

For the most part, he is recognized for his political YouTube channel, ‘The Rubin Report,’ in which he interviews numerous notable people to discuss contentious themes like free speech and fundamental principles.

When asked to describe his political ideology, he uses the term “classical liberal.” YouTube, BlazeTV, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify all carry episodes of The Rubin Report. Rubin is six feet tall with brown eyes and hair.

How much money does Dave Rubin have?

Dave Rubin Net Worth

Dave Rubin is a political analyst, YouTuber, and talk show host who has amassed a $14 million fortune in the United States.

To most people, he will always be remembered as the host and originator of “The Rubin Report,” a conservative political discussion show that can be seen on BlazeTV and YouTube.

Among the series that Rubin has presented on television are The Ben and Dave Show and The Six Pack. Dave Rubin was born in June of 1976 in the Big Apple. He is a classical liberal with a degree from Binghamton University.

After moving to New York and trying his hand at stand-up comedy in 1998, Rubin interned at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart the following year.

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Dating History and Spouse of Dave Rubin

Is David Joshua Rubin married or single, in your opinion? This portrayal of his private life is sure to satisfy your curiosity. Within this table, we will list several very important details, such as relationships, marital status, spouse, interests, and more.

In this part, we have gathered all his favorite persons, objects, and other connected information.

Article About the Life of Dave Rubin

On June 26, 1976, Dave Rubin entered the world. He was born in Brooklyn. Dave Rubin is a stand-up comedian and the host of Ora TV’s The Rubin Report. He’s also famous for his discussion show on SiriusXM.

He is affiliated with the Larry King Show and frequently appears on the same panels as Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, and John Oliver. Before becoming famous as a TV and radio host, he spent 14 years performing stand-up comedy in New York City.

Dave Rubin was born in Brooklyn, New York on June 26, 1976, making him one of the most famous New Yorkers to have a New York City birth. One of the wealthiest comedians, he is a staple in the industry.


Starting in 1998, Rubin began his career in comedy by performing stand-up and making appearances at open mics across New York City. The year was 1999, and he was interning at Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show.

In the year 2000, Rubin took up residency at the Comedy Cellar in New York City, where he has been ever since. Later the same year, he and his fellow comedians at the Comedy Cellar secretly shot an episode of their spoof news program.

The Anti-Show at NBC Studios on 30 Rockefeller Plaza for a public-access television series. Several New York City comedy clubs were co-founded by him in 2002; he performed stand-up at Joe Franklin’s Comedy Club and The Comedy Company in Times Square until 2007.

His two podcasts, Hot Gay Comics and The Ben and Dave Show were both transformed into TV programs on here! network. Rubin launched the podcast The Six Pack in May 2009, which he also co-hosted.

The Six Pack, a live chat show, aired on Sirius XM Radio from October 2011 to December 2012. While employed by Sirius XM, Rubin launched a YouTube channel titled “Rubin Report” in September 2012.

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Analysis of current political events

Dave Rubin Net Worth

Dave Rubin calls himself a classical liberal since he is more conservative and libertarian than the typical liberal nowadays.

He describes himself as liberal and uses his stances on issues like same-sex marriage, criminal justice reform, marijuana legalization, a safety net, and public education, as well as his conditional support for abortion rights, as examples of his beliefs.

To explain “Why I Left the Left,” he was featured in a 2017 video for the conservative YouTube channel PragerU. A “mental disease,” in his words, is what progressivism represents. The “intellectual dark web,” to which he claims allegiance, is his preferred label.

Turning Point USA is a conservative student organization, and Rubin is a frequent guest speaker for their programs.

When asked about Trump initiatives he disagreed with in July 2017, he mostly lambasted the president for his use of executive orders. He said in January 2018 that “a bit of a religious tone with the right” was one of the reasons he didn’t agree with the right on anything.

Sentinel released Rubin’s Don’t Burn This Book: Thinking for Yourself in an Age of Unreason in April of that year, 2020. The book was highly lambasted yet nonetheless made it onto The New York Times Best Seller list.

Rubin claimed in October 2020 that he had “been a lifelong Democrat,” but that he would be voting for a Republican president for the first time and supporting Donald Trump for a second term.

Later, Rubin elaborated that Trump’s resistance to the “woke left” and critical race theory in American institutions swayed his support for him, even if he didn’t agree with all the president had done.

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