Is Bella Poarch Single: Reports of Ex-Boyfriends, Rumor’s About Tyga, and More!

Is Bella Poarch Single

An American singer-songwriter and internet sensation, Bella Poarch (born February 9, 1997) has amassed an enormous fan base across the globe. Millie B’s “Soph Aspin Send” became an internet sensation in 2020 after she posted a TikTok of herself lip-syncing.

More than 50 million people have liked this video on TikTok, making it the most popular of all time. It’s estimated that she has over 81 million followers on TikTok. She signed with Warner Records in 2021 and released her debut single, “Build A B***h,” that same year.

Is Bella Poarch Dating Anyone?

Is Bella Poarch Single

The TikTok sensation rarely speaks about her love life, and she last acknowledged that she was single in July 2021. Her soulmate might be found in the aisles of Seafood City, where Bella made an appearance on TikTok.

Bella had previously stated that she had been unmarried for approximately a year on an edition of The H3 production that aired around a month prior. Since moving from the Philippines to the United States, her dating standards have changed, and she has opened up about this in a recent interview.

About her second ex, Bella admitted that she only had two ex-boyfriends who were both serving in the military at the same time. It was her decision to quit the Navy that caused the breakup, she said.

Neither the names nor any other information regarding Bella’s ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends has been made public.

Even though Bella hasn’t revealed much about her personal life, she has been linked to a renowned figure. A series of videos starring the model and rapper Bella and Tyga began to circulate in the latter part of 2020.

Fans began guessing as to whether or not the two were romantically involved. Even while there were whispers of an intimate film of the artists floating around the internet, no proof could ever be found to back up the claims.

Bella and Kylie Jenner’s ex-boyfriend didn’t talk about whether or not their relationship went beyond platonic. It’s been a long time since the musicians have posted anything jointly on their blogs. In the summer of 2021, Bella stated that she had been unmarried for over a year, thus it doesn’t appear like she ever had a relationship with Tyga.

When asked about joining Tinder in early 2021, influencer Bella said no, but she has subsequently clarified that she wants to meet someone in person.

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“A Lot of Males” Are in Bella’s D Ms, but She Wants to Meet Someone in Person First, She Said.

In an interview with The H3 Podcast, the Warner Records musician admitted that her direct messages on social media are receiving a lot of attention. The problem is that this isn’t exactly the best route to her heart.

She said, “I’ve got quite the following,” Bella continued. “I mean, I have to meet them… DMing someone or replying to DMSes is something I’d rather avoid at all costs. A party would be a great place to meet them.”

“Prince Charming,” as she sang in her debut song, is surely not what she’s searching for.

Bella Poarch Is Apparently Currently Single

She appeared to declare that she was unmarried in July 2021. In a TikTok video. The singer revealed that she was hunting for her “soulmate” in a supermarket.

The start had also claimed whilst featuring on ‘The H3 Podcast’ that she had been single for approximately a year.

Whilst touching briefly on her former romances, the singer claimed she had to change her dating expectations when she relocated to the United States from the Philippines.

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Is Bella Poarch Single at The Moment? What Is the Relationship Status of The Tik Tok Star?
Bella Poarch Is Presently Single and Doesn’t Have a Boyfriend

Is Bella Poarch Single

Bella Poarch is now unattached and has declared her single status. During a recent round of “Whose Bio It Is Anyway,” the TikTok star confirmed that she is currently alone and not seeing anyone. ]

Bella, on the other hand, was linked to American rapper and Kylie Jenner’s ex-boyfriend Tyga just a few months prior. The two were spotted together recording TikTok videos. Three videos have apparently been getting closer to completion since they were filmed inside Tyga’s estate.

At first, neither of the musicians addressed any relationship rumors that had been floating about. Bella’s recent denial of a romantic relationship with Tyga, after months of silence, put an end to all speculation.


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