Apartment Hacks: Every Renter Needs to Know These 7 Insanely Clever Home Hacks.

Apartment Hacks

Are you interested in transforming your apartment into a place where you can feel at home? It might be difficult, especially if you live in a small place and must adhere to all of your building’s rules.

Nobody wants to forfeit their deposit due of unapproved renovations or damage to their home. So, to help you make the most of your current living space, we’ve compiled a list of the finest do-it-yourself apartment decorating hacks.

Prepare a Cooking Space

Apartment Hacks

It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to start again in the kitchen if things go horribly wrong, which is especially true while renting. It’ll only take a few small exchanges to get you through.

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  •  Replace the old counters with the new ones

Use design inspiration if you’re not fond of the counters in your new home. 9 Above: Designer C. S. Valentin suggests that if you don’t like the countertops that came with your property, you may just install a new countertop material directly on top.

Cork from an Ikea Sinnerlig table was Valentin’s preferred material, but a piece of marble or butcherblock would also work. See At Home with C. S. Valentin: French Eclecticism in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn for additional information. Under-counter storage is likewise covered by a cloth.

  • Replace the knobs with handcrafted leather pulls.

A Favorite among remodelers and a demonstration of how even the tiniest modifications may have a big impact Changing out cabinet pulls that are less-than-desirable is one of Remodelista’s favorite ways to make a major difference.

Some of our favorites include the basic knotted leather pulls found here on Sarah’s Refined Rental, while this video showing how to make a $20 cabinet pull for $2 offers a more polished alternative.

  • Wrap tape around the pulls

Alternatively, tape cabinet handles (such as those used in rental rehab) a new york city diy As an alternative, you might use duct tape to wrap cabinet pulls (as shown in Rental Rehab: The DIY New York Apartment), rope, or cloth.

  • Remove the doors from the cabinets.

If it’s the cabinet fronts that you don’t like, you can return them. t Taking off the cabinet doors and storing them away can make it easier to find (and replace) them when it’s time to move out if the cabinet fronts are what you’re unhappy with.

For top cabinets, where beautiful ceramics and glassware are more likely to be on show, this works well; cabinets that store food and packaging are best kept hidden (see below for a way of concealing these).

Budget-Friendly Guide to Traveling

Instead of using cabinet doors, use fabric (or even lovely tea towels) to hang on the wall.
if you aren’t ready for a completely open look, tack lovely on top of it Instead of using cabinet doors, you may just hang attractive clothes in lieu of them, as shown in the image above.

Removed Ikea cabinet fronts and hung blue tea towels instead in Done/Undone in Paris. As she puts it, “It’s less cold and more natural this way.”

  • A temporary backsplash can be built

The best way to add more storage if you don’t have any upper cabinets Consider creating a movable plywood backsplash if you don’t have higher cabinets and want to add storage (and drama) to your kitchen.

More low-cost backsplash ideas may be found in Kitchen Upgrade: The DIY Black Backsplash and Remodeling 101: 6 Budget Backsplash Hacks (or covering an unsightly one).

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  • Invest in custom fronts

Apartment HacksAs long as you know that your cabinets are made by Ikea and that you plan to be 16 or older: You may want to investigate bespoke cabinet fronts for Ikea boxes if you know you’ll be staying in your apartment for the long term.

See Ikea Kitchen Upgrade: 8 Custom Cabinet Companies for the Ultimate Kitchen Hack for some of our favorite options. A picture from Ikea Upgrade: The Semi-Handmade Kitchen Remodel.


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