Who Is Ellie in You and What Happened to Ellie? Everything You Should Know!

who is ellie in you

You season 3 introduces a fresh cast of characters for Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn, but the first episode quickly reminds us of someone from Joe’s past: Ellie Alves (Jenna Ortega). Joe sends Ellie to Florida with a large sum of money in order to protect her from Love, the man who killed Ellie’s older sister Delilah without her knowledge.

He wanted to use the Quinns’ lawyers to defend Ellie and clear Joe after he had framed Ellie for the murder of Henderson. Joe gives Ellie money and instructs her to flee to the opposite side of the nation to start a new life because CPS and the Quinn family are following her.

Fans were left wondering if Ellie would return to seek revenge or expose Joe and Love in season 3 after Joe let her go with the information of Delilah’s death. Season 3 has here, and with it, the long-awaited answer to the great Ellie mystery.

What happened to Ellie on ‘You’?

This is going to be a crazy ride, so buckle up and brace yourself for a bit of art mimicking life. Joe decides to put spyware on Ellie’s phone to see if he can help her, which ends up being a positive thing.

Although she was told not to, Ellie is working as an intern for Chris D’Elia, a well-known Los Angeles comic who goes by the stage name Henderson or Hendy. At Hendy’s residence one night, Ellie drinks something that Hendy has put there for her enjoyment.

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It was clear to Delilah that Hendy was dangerous because he had already done this to her. Joe has already arrived at Hendy’s house, and he uncovers a hidden room in the basement packed with polaroids of young girls, knowing full well that Hendy is a negative influence.

In the basement, Joe gives Hendy the same chemicals he gave Ellie and then ties him up while Ellie is unconscious upstairs. Joe removes his disguise, revealing his identity to Hendy, probably because he is too outraged to care. It is then Joe’s responsibility, and oh does he relish the opportunity.

who is ellie in you

Because Delilah’s connected family has ties to the police, Love’s (Victoria Pedretti) jealousy has resulted in the death of Delilah. Even after Love provides an anonymous tip to the police about Hendy, Ellie isn’t as fortunate.

In order to keep Ellie safe, Joe, the guardian (was he still? ), offers her a large sum of money and ships her off to Florida.

Will Ellie return for Season 3?

We don’t know for sure if Ellie will appear in Season 4, however, she was mentioned multiple times in Season 3. The next Scream, which will be published in January 2022, was just filmed by Jenna Ortega.

Tim Burton’s live-action Wednesday series for Netflix will also feature her portrayal as Wednesday Addams. Ellie is still sending Joe letters towards the end of Season 2, thus her character is still around for the time being.

who is ellie in you

Jenna remarked in an interview with Cosmopolitan that a return to You was something she would like to do “That is a beautiful set.

It was a pleasure to work with Penn Badgley once again, as well as the talented crew that brought this project to life. There was so much fun there that if they want me back, I’ll gladly take a few jabs at Joe once again.”

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Will Ellie be in You season 4?

According to prior statements from cast members Jenna Ortega and show-runner Sera Gamble, the character of Ellie will remain in the programme. Gamble said that characters like Ellie can return at any time.

“Ellie is still in Joe’s life,” Gamble revealed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter after the second season premiered. The money has already arrived. Even though she despises him, he continues to send her cash.

who is ellie in you

As a result, we’ll have access to that room. In season two, Beck was killed and then resurrected. Bringing a departed loved one back to life to haunt you is one of my favourite things to do. This means that everyone’s favourite characters can come right in.

Ellie, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be interested in revenge against Joe. Jenna Ortega doesn’t believe she’ll return to bring Joe down if she does.

Jenna told Insider: “To me, that contradicts the essence of Ellie’s plot. “To bring her back and turn her into someone like Joe defeats the purpose because that’s not her character or what’s in her heart right now,” said a source close to the production.

In light of the final episode of You season 3 – don’t worry, spoilers aren’t going to be in this post! – It’s possible that Ellie’s return will be more difficult to pull off now.

After watching the final scene, it is possible that she may have a good reason to peek her head out and begin searching for Joe. When she realises what’s happened, she’ll have a lot of questions.


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