Rebel Wilson and Ramona Agruma Share Photos from Their ‘magical’ Turkish Romantic Vacation

Rebel Wilson and Girlfriend Ramona Agruma Offer a Glimpse at Their ‘magical’ Romantic Vacation in Turkey: Photos

Love is traveling the world! As of this writing, Rebel Wilson and Ramona Agruma have taken their relationship to the next level by taking a romantic vacation together.

Getting up at 5 am to catch a glimpse of Cappadocia’s hot air balloons was “worth it,” Wilson, 42, wrote on Instagram on June 28. In addition to showing off the couple’s trips, Agruma, who had previously kept her social media accounts hidden, now allows anybody to see her posts.

Wilson and Agruma Uploaded Photographs

Wilson and Agruma have previously uploaded photographs from Corsica, Iceland, and other places of Italy on their social media accounts. The fashion designer captioned an adorable photo of herself and the Pitch Perfect star from their vacation in Italy “Bella Italia.”

Earlier this month, the Australian native made her first public appearance as a romantic couple. Wilson captioned an Instagram photo of the couple with the phrase, “I thought I was hunting for a Disney Prince. But maybe what I actually needed all this time was a Disney Princess #loveislove.”

The Isn’t It Romantic star made the revelation after previously hinting that she had a special someone. “I met [my boyfriend] during a friend’s set-up,” Wilson disclosed one month earlier on an edition of the “U Up?” podcast.

The two of us had known each other for at least five years, and he was confident that we would hit it off.

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Wilson and Agruma’s Turkey Relationship Info

Wilson also reminisced on her dating strategy before meeting her future husband. I really pushed myself to date a lot of people, which I know isn’t normal, but it really helped me discover what I loved and didn’t like,” Bridesmaids star Megan Fox, who dated Jacob Busch, said.

In an op-ed published shortly after Wilson revealed her relationship with Agruma, the Sydney Morning Herald made news by recalling that they had given Wilson a deadline to reply.

With a great deal of caution and respect, this media source emailed Rebel Wilson’s reps on Thursday morning, offering her two days to remark on her new connection with LA leisure wear designer Ramona Agruma, before publishing a single word, the story started in June.

“That was a terrible error. By posting about her new “Disney Princess” status on Instagram, Wilson decided to take the narrative forward.

Wilson, on her part, responded to the situation following the widespread criticism of the release. That time, she tweeted, “Thanks for your thoughts, it was a really difficult circumstance but trying to face it with grace.”


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