When Olivia Culpo Saved Sophia From A Falling Refrigerator, She Was Left “traumatised.”

Olivia Culpo Saves Sister Sophia from Falling Refrigerator

It was a close one. In order to save her younger sister Sophia Culpo from a collapsing refrigerator, Olivia Culpo took immediate action.

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Olivia Culpo Saves Sister Sophia from Falling Refrigerator

When Sophie, a 30-year-old social media influencer, posted a picture of the fridge’s contents pouring out into her Instagram Story on Tuesday, July 12, she wrote, “This refrigerator fell on Sophie yesterday.” It wasn’t posted since I was traumatized, but you can see on her Instagram stories that she’s fine..”

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A Refrigerator Falls on Olivia Culpo’s Sister Sophia

According to Sophia Culpo, a former Miss USA, “luckily Katie [Culpo, her sister-in-law] and I went over as it was mid-way in the air and held it up.” “I’m not going to miss this part of a new move-in,” the Rhode Island native said, and she warned her followers to be careful if they find themselves in the same predicament.

As a reminder, “Let this be your reminder to protect all appliances and not leave details like this up to 60+-year-old parents,” she wrote. Sophia shared her side of the story on Instagram Stories as well.

If you read what she had to say about the kitchen equipment falling on her, you’d know it wasn’t secure. Olivia has been having a great time in Rhode Island at her parent’s new farmhouse save from the heart-stopping moment with her sister.

No, I don’t think it will.” In a Friday, July 8 Instagram post, the former Model Squad star captioned a shot of her clutching a shovel.

Additionally, she posted pictures of herself posing with a watering can and a wheelbarrow while her dog Oliver accompanied her.

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Olivia Culpo Saves Sister Sophia from Falling Refrigerator

Miss Rhode Island USA and her dog Oliver were unable to go back to Rhode Island in August 2021, despite the fact that they had flown there before without issue.

“It’s the worst experience ever, and I know I’m not the only one who has cried in an airport. When asked what she wished for most, she replied, “I just want to go home,” in an Instagram Story.

As someone who’s always been a tremendous admirer of @jetblue, I don’t want to be this person right now. I’ve never wanted to be this person.” He’s taken this airline countless times without incident.”

Since the beginning of the new year, Aurora reported that Olivia had been warned to “put on a blouse, or else she will not be allowed on the plane.” A black sports bra and cycle shorts with a cardigan were on the I Feel Pretty actress at the moment.

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Olivia re-posted her sister’s video with the caption, “Leave it to Aurora to cause a scene.” “Get me out of here.”


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