What Is the “Car Dragon” Song on Tiktok: The “car Dragon” Fever on Tik Tok Is Thanks to An Old Soulja Boy Song.

What Is The

In spite of its popularity, the “car dragon” song that has been making the rounds on TikTok is not all that original. The song “Yahhh” by Soulja Boy from 2007 is the one that everyone is singing along to.

Surely you’re familiar with the clip featuring the shrill cartoon voice yelling, “Get up out my face, you doodoo head dummy / Hey, Soulja Boy may I yahhh trick yahhh!”

The retro tune, which has become the backing track for a new bizarre meme, has been given the moniker “car dragon” on TikTok. More than 934,000 people have seen content using the hashtag #cardragon so far.

In this new fad, users like @lifeondr4gs document their own “car dragon” Google searches. In spite of the shocked expressions that follow, a Google search of the phrase only returns images of automobiles, dragons, and automobiles designed to appear like dragons.

Where can I find the TikTok version of “Car Dragon?”

TikTok users can’t seem to get enough of Soulja Boy’s “Report Card” or “Yahhh!” There seems to be some mystery behind why the song was renamed “Car Dragon” on the service.

It was early in the month of February 2022 when the first video featuring the music was published; in it, the user’s dog can be seen opening and closing his mouth in rhythm to the song’s lyrics.

Although the original video has gone viral with over 4 million views, it has since inspired a challenge in which participants record themselves using the search term “vehicle dragon” People in the after videos frequently appear shocked, but it’s not always clear why.

If you Google the term, you’ll see that the majority of results feature automobiles and dragons, with the rare frightening image featuring a sexual mashup of the two.

At the end of the day, though, it appears that the trend exists mainly for its own sake, without any deeper significance. People are making reaction videos as though searching for the term will provide some truly insane result, but this does not appear to be the case.

As a result, the tendency continues virtually on its own, as if it were an elaborate hoax.

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Trends like “Report Card” are just one example.

All of these clips feature Soulja Boy’s song, although the connection between the two is tenuous at best. It’s clear that someone started playing the music as a meme, and the rest of us just followed suit.

TikTok is perfect for discovering new music, but it can also be used to rediscover old favorites in a fresh light.

Can you tell me what the general consensus is on the Car Dragon fad?

It has been suggested that Soulja Boy’s music is only “one component of the trend,” with other interpretations being hinted at.

Users can also capture their “before” and “after” expressions while they look up the term “Car Dragon” on the app as part of another challenge.

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Music on the Internet’s Current Wave of Popularity Revealed

As the Car Dragon video has gone viral on TikTok, many users are wondering who the artist is. However, the film’s accompanying music does not mention the phenomena by name.

Now we know that Soulja Boy himself is responsible for the song at the center of the craze. The song debuted in 2009 with the title Report Card.

However, due to the platform’s propensity for trends, it is now more well-known than ever.

The first ever TikTok with a Report Card was uploaded by @Bebardii on February 2, 2022. The TikToker’s dog can be seen in the clip, wagging its tail and flexing its jaw to the beat.

The original TikTok video has been seen over 4.7 million times and has been liked by more than 890,000. (March 29).

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