Josie Canseco Nip Slip: Luli Fama Swimwear Model Flaunts Hot Body and Arse for Photoshoot

Model and internet celebrity Josie Canseco has been a topic of conversation after what appears to be a wardrobe malfunction.

The 25-year-old was celebrating her birthday with her father and other members of her family and several acquaintances when the incident occurred. Some fans, however, argue that the nip slip was intentional…

Star Josie Canseco, 25, Has a Birthday Party in Hollywood

Josie Canseco celebrated her 25th birthday on Thursday night at the acclaimed West Hollywood restaurant Delilah (November 4). She walked into the party on her dad’s side, a former Major League Baseball player.

The viral sensation wore a killer all-black ensemble consisting of a skirt, heels, jacket, choker, and see-through metal top. Evidently, her expensive shirt, which cost a jaw-dropping $1,965, is prone to wardrobe malfunctions.

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Her Closet Malfunctioned, and She Had to Start Over.

Pictures of Josie with her dad have surfaced online, and they show that she made a minor fashion faux pas. Of course, she might have.

Since her nipples were clearly visible through the see-through top, some people speculated that the model had been the victim of a nip slip.

However, there are many who argue that she wore clothes that showed off her nipples on purpose. Since Josie had her nipples blacked out and posted the photo to Instagram, we know she was aware. The Twitterati have been arguing about the glitch, but she didn’t seem to be bothered by it.

Her Closet Malfunctioned, and She Had to Start Over.

Photos taken by the paparazzi of Josie out with her dad reveal that she made a minor fashion faux pas. What, she didn’t do it, did she?

Many others assumed the model had nipped themselves because her nipples were visible through her see-through shirt.

Others, however, have stated that she intentionally exposed her breasts by wearing such revealing clothing.

Josie knew she was being sexist when she posted the photo to Instagram without covering her nipples.

There was an apparent glitch, which some have been arguing on Twitter, but she didn’t seem to be bothered by it.

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Josie’s Outfit Gets Reactions on Twitter

While we applaud Josie’s boldness, some of us are worried about how she seemed to her DAD in that outfit. Awkward.

‘Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I couldn’t hang out with my daughter and her nipples,’ tweeted one user.

Does Josie Canseco have a wardrobe mishap on her 25th birthday? Another participant explained, “I did it on purpose for a photo op, and it was quite obvious, but nobody asked me.”

Another partygoer chimed on, “EWWW. Josie Canseco frees the nipple during her 25th birthday party with her DAD.”

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