Is Jojo Siwa Single

Is Jojo Siwa Single: After a Breakup with Kylie Prew, He Finds Someone New.

After breaking up with Kylie Prew last year, JoJo Siwa hasn’t waited around to start dating again. The former Dance Moms star claims she is already dating again.

Siwa recently stated on Rachel Ballinger’s Rachel Uncensored show, “We’re not single.” Since it’s just me and my many alter egos, I use the pronoun ‘we’. No, I’m not looking for a date, and I’m not single. You can’t count on me since I’m a loyal lady.”

Katie Mills’s prior anti-trans and pro-Trump remarks surfaced in December, putting an end to rumors that Siwa was dating Mills at the time.

There was never any confirmation of their relationship, and not long after the outcry, Siwa made it clear on social media that she was indeed single.

During their conversation on the show, she also revealed that since her breakup with Prew last fall, she had dated a few different men. ‘Listen, I walked around the block,’ she added. I made a lot of mistakes, but I learned a lot and today I’m very, really content with my life.

The 18-year-relationship old’s with Prew was in the spotlight, and she has said that she is grateful to her ex for encouraging her to publicly accept her sexual orientation.

After their breakup, Siwa said, “We’re both so young; she’s 17, I’m 18, and we are truly best friends.” And I know that she would do the same for me if she ever had to take a bullet for me. Right person, wrong moment, as it were.

Does Anyone Know Jo Jo Siwa’s Real Name?

Is Jojo Siwa Single

JoJo Siwa is a worldwide success in the realms of music, television, and film, with over 60.5 million social media followers and over 3.6 billion YouTube views. She is also a top-selling author in the Big Apple.

Her singles “Kid in a Candy Store” and “Boomerang” and her participation on the reality show Dance Moms have made her famous as a dancer.

The name “JoJo” is already well-known in the realm of consumer products, yet JoJo is just 18 years old. There have been almost 80 million sales of JoJo Siwa bows worldwide.

In season 30 of Dancing with the Stars, the former Dance Moms star will be the first celebrity to dance with a same-sex partner. Jazz and hip hop are her two favorite dance styles to perform.

Her next endeavor is a live-action musical for Paramount+ called The J Team, in which she will both appear and produce. Siwa serves as both the show’s creative director and executive producer for Peacock’s Dance Pop Revolution.

She was recognized as one of the most influential people on the planet by Time in the year 2020.

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In which celebrity couple does JoJo Siwa currently participate?

Despite dating for nearly a year, JoJo Siwa and Kylie Prew recently broke up. JoJo wasn’t deterred from hitting the dance floor, although she found it harder to concentrate as a result.

“The reason why I was able to conquer [my feelings] was because of my fantastic instructor and because of my dances this week,” JoJo told and other reporters in an interview session after the show.

Everyone says dance is a way to let go and express yourself, but I’ve always thought it was clichéd. To me, dance is just a place to let loose, have a wonderful time, do great things, and be yourself.

However, I realized this week that it serves as a temporary reprieve. What I went through and how I felt this past week were both completely unprecedented for me. It’s difficult and complicated, but thankfully I’m surrounded by wonderful individuals who help me out.

When and where did Kylie Prew and JoJo Siwa first meet?

18-year-olds JoJo and Kylie hit it off on a cruise. Snapping her fingers, JoJo quipped on her podcast “Success with Jess,” “We just became instant like this.” I had a huge secret at the time that I wasn’t meant to share with anyone, but I did so within the first ten minutes of meeting her.

The pair explained that for the first year, they were just “best friends,” but they finally discovered out that there was more going on. Kylie first informed JoJo that she had a boyfriend, but after dating for six months, the two were out to their friends and families.

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Who is JoJo Siwa’s ex-boyfriend?

Is Jojo Siwa Single


Between the months of August and November of 2020, JoJo dated TikTok star, Mark Bontempo.

It was on National Girlfriend Day in August of that year that they came out as a couple to the public. Since their November breakup was amicable, she continued to protect him.

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