Watch Sanditon Season 3 Release Date: Everything You Need to Know!

Watch Sanditon Season 3

Based on Jane Austen’s last unfinished manuscript, Sanditon is a romantic comedy. During her journey to the coastal town of Sanditon, Charlotte Heywood encounters striving entrepreneurs, miserly grand dames, and handsome gentlemen.

The death of Charlotte’s first love, Sidney Parker (Theo James), has left her in shock in Sanditon Season 2. Alexander Colbourne hires her as his governess, but she is soon sidetracked by her new profession.

As their relationship progresses, the two find themselves falling in love. Colbourne, on the other hand, squanders his opportunity to pop the question to Charlotte, setting off a fight between the two young people.

Charlotte returns to her family’s farm in Willingdon at the end of Sanditon Season 2 when she accepts a marriage proposal from local farmer Ralph (Cai Bridgen).

Sanditon Season 3 will premiere in the fall of 2016, but how long will you have to wait, and which characters will be returning to the fictional Regency seaside resort? Until further notice, the following is all we currently know about Sanditon Season 3:

Release Date

Watch Sanditon Season 3

Sanditon fans will have to wait a bit longer this time around, as the new season is expected to broadcast on PBS Masterpiece in early 7 January 2023.

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Season 3’s Cast Has yet To Be Announced.

Season 2 of Sanditon featured several new characters in addition to the show’s mainstays.

First, Charlotte (Rose Williams) was hired as Augusta Markham and Leo Colbourne (Eloise Webb and Flora Mitchell), respectively, and became acquainted with their guardian Alexander Colbourne (Ben Lloyd-Hughes).

It’s not yet known if Alison’s new spouse Captain Declan Fraser (Frank Blake) and Colonel Francis Lennox (Tom Weston-Jones) will return for the third season.

Season 2 Was Filmed Next To Each Other

Watch Sanditon Season 3

At this point, I think it’s only reasonable that we continue to do so in order to allay fan concerns about Sanditon Season 3. If you’re worried about another long wait between seasons like there was between Seasons 1 and 2, you don’t have to be.

The third season was filmed simultaneously with Season 2, according to Newsweek. In addition, Season 3’s principal photography has already been completed, with shooting scheduled to run from July to December of 2021.


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