Chapter 4 Fortnite Map: There Have Been Several Map Revisions in Fortnite Recently!

Chapter 4 Fortnite Map

There have been a slew of new weaponry, characters, and POIs added to Fortnite Chapter 4. The large number of weapons that had been vaulted initially surprised several fans. There were multiple Mythic armaments that helped save the day, however.

The Ant-Man POI was only added to the Fortnite island yesterday, as we reported. Holly Hedges’ ‘Ant Manor,’ located northeast of the town, is believed to be the first step in the eventual inclusion of the Ant-Man suit.

Although the Ant-Manor has been added to the map, there are also a number of other Marvel-themed locales.

Every New Place on The Map in Fortnite: Battle Royale

The Divot Is Covered in Dust

Chapter 4 Fortnite Map
Dusty Depot has been demolished and has been reborn as Dusty Divot, the most notable change. A massive crater has been left in the middle of the map as a result of the meteor’s impact.

There has been a significant amount of time between the two seasons since there is now a testing site for the meteor debris that was left over. All of the guard towers, crates, and little testing rooms contain chests. Even if you go back to Dusty Depot, you’ll find fresh and old places to plunder.

Also, take care. There will be a lot of people in this new location because it’s just opened. Consider gliding somewhere else if you want to avoid the throng!

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Thrilling Films

Risky Reel is a brand-new spot that didn’t form as a result of the meteor’s impact. Movie magic is big this season, and Rusty Reels appears to be the hub for all things filming. This is a drive-in cinema with a giant screen, a concession stand, and even a tiny filming space.

A large crater has formed in the heart of Risky Reels, which was hit by meteors. At the very least, you’ll be able to experience some anti-gravity!

Aisle of Repose

After Lonely Lodge, a new mansion appeared on the map’s east side. The addition of chests and loot to an area that was previously empty is a welcome one, but those who stay and explore the basement will discover a fantastic surprise.

Chapter 4 Fortnite Map

You’ll find a secret hideaway with a meeting table, computers, and a control system if you head downstairs. Isn’t it great that there’s even an easy way out of the cliff? If you’re willing to make the long journey, you’ll be glad you did!

The Lair of the Secret Villain

You can’t leave the bad folks out of the fun. Eastern Snob Shores is flanked by a large mountain. On the mountain’s western flank, a secluded hideout blends seamlessly into the cliff face.

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