Walker Hayes Dance: Popular “Fancy Like” Dance on The Video Sharing Platform Tik Tok


The most common type of video uploaded to TikTok features dancing. Users have been doing short, fast dances to some of today’s biggest singles, as well as some older songs that have been given new life thanks to the social media site, for several years.

People on and off TikTok are familiar with dances like the “Renegade” and “Savage,” and new dances are being produced constantly as new tunes gain popularity on the app.

TikTok’s influence was felt by country musician Walker Hayes after he shared a video of himself dancing with his daughter to his song “Fancy Like” in June.

It all started with Walker Hayes and his popular TikTok dance.


People loved the upbeat song and the compatible dance so much that their video of them got over 20 million views and nearly 2.5 million likes. Thomas Petrou defends his roasting comments.

Considering that the hit by Chase Hudson Hayes has spent the past sixteen weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot Country Songs list and the past twenty weeks on the chart overall, it is clear that the correct video uploaded to TikTok may have a significant impact on the charts.

And even though it’s been a while since the song was released, it’s still a popular choice for many TikTok users. After being referenced in the song, the Oreo Shake was brought back by Applebee in the month of August.

Walker’s 2017 single “You Broke Up With Me” has amassed over 36 million views on YouTube and was a commercial success.

TikTok appears to be the perfect home for his most recent hit, as evidenced by the thousands of users who have used the song as a soundtrack for their own videos or experimented with the trending dance style to it.

Since then, Walker has done the dance with a wide variety of other people and been dueting with those who are trying their hand at the routines, garnering millions of likes in the process.

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5 of the best dance covers of Walker Hayes’ “Fancy Like” on TikTok.

  • The wake surfing dancer.

Steph Hetherington, a user on the video sharing platform TikTok, elevated the original “Fancy Like” dance to a new level by doing it while surfing on the wake behind a boat. She executed the dance brilliantly, and, spoiler alert, she didn’t even fall into the pool.

  • This ex-waitress, Applebee’s number

Hayes included a night out at Applebee’s with the Bourbon Street steak and an Oreo shake among his “fancy” activities in the upbeat tune. TikTok user and former Applebee’s waitress/bartender shared her experience working there through a dance video set to the lyrics.

On average, I spent between $150 and $200 per night. Then I started working as a bartender (AWESOME) and my income nearly doubled. She commented, “Not bad for a college kid!” in the clip.

  • Three, this rural pair.

The “Fancy Like” dance video by Justin and Ashley, who go by the TikTok username “the Stroh show,” showcases the married couple’s near-perfect dance talents.

The video captures the couple dancing in front of a rustic red barn; they even throw in some freestyle moves towards the end.

  • Four, this hip chiropractor.

A chiropractor from Pittsburgh, who blogs about stretching, reimagined the “Fancy Like” dance for the social media platform. Dr. Brian, the chiropractor, only completed half of the dance before using the rest of the video to demonstrate a stretch for relieving lower back discomfort.

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  •  This mom and her little girl.


The cute Lily Faith and her mother created waves on TikTok when they danced to “Fancy Like.” Outside, the two women danced to the tune, customizing their routine with a handshake and a hair flip at the conclusion. The daughter captioned the video, “My mom is cooler than yours.”

To mark the occasion of the video’s unprecedented popularity, Hayes recorded several additional dance performances, some with his immediate family and others with concertgoers.

Morgan and Lunchbox, of the Bobby Bones Show, also did their own version of the dance. In what appears to be the beginning of the new TikTok dance craze, Hayes and his daughter released a video of themselves this week dancing to Hayes’ duet with Jake Owen, “Country Stuff.”


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