Was There a Breakup Between Mrbeast and Maddy Spidell in 2022?

Jimmy Donaldson is a well-known face in the YouTube community. As MrBeast, Jimmy has achieved unprecedented levels of fame and fortune. This YouTuber earns more than most others in his or her field.

His online activities, such as uploading films to YouTube, may be public knowledge, but his private life is not. Moreover, many followers have wondered, “Did MrBeast and his girlfriend Maddy Spidell break up?”

In 2019, the two went public with their romance, but have kept it low-key since then. The viral star, though, is well-known for going to great lengths to impress his girlfriend.

Remember in 2020 on Valentine’s Day how MrBeast gave his girlfriend a hundred thousand roses as a surprise?

Towards the end of the video, in about minute three, Maddy appears. Fans have speculated that there may be problems in paradise despite the fact that the pair have remained close ever since. When did Mr.Beast and Maddy break up?

What happened between MrBeast and Maddy Spidell?


If you believe Maddy’s Instagram from 2022, she and MrBeast broke up. The Instagram star shared a snapshot from a recent vacation with a male companion on July 25.

While on vacation, the two appeared to be staring off into the horizon. The boy’s face was concealed, however. Maddy has shared similar material in the past, so this isn’t the first time it’s appeared online.

Madi published a video on May 23, 2022, depicting her idea of the ideal weekend. An Instagram star continues to document her day with images and video, including a steamy makeout session.

While MrBeast and Maddy never confirmed their split publicly, it is clear that they are no longer together. Since they continue to follow each other on social media, it’s safe to assume that they’re on good terms with one another.

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How well do we understand their bond?

MrBeast and Maddy rarely shared details of their relationship online. Their 2019 romance was confirmed, though, after Madi tweeted about it.

After being accused of only being with Mr.Beast for his money by multiple individuals, Maddie decided to speak up.

After seeing his tweet, she quickly fired back, “If it isn’t obvious – I don’t want Mr. Monster for his money, I simply want a friend with good taste in animation who can make me laugh leave me alone and let me have the inaccessible LMFAO on the Internet.”

In a series of images and videos posted to his social media accounts, MrBeast soon after acknowledged their romance. However, he hasn’t shared a photo of the two of them since June 2020. When exactly they stopped talking to one another is unknown.

In monetary terms, how wealthy is MrBeast?

MrBeast’s wealth is $25 million, acc coupling points. The YouTuber has not been shy about sharing his financial information with his audience.

MrBeast stated on Logan Paul’s podcast that he loses money on his videos due to his excessive spending. He declared, “I’ll just blow my monthly $3-4 million paycheck on video games and Xbox.

In fact, our profit margins are so low that we constantly reinvest our earnings.

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A Look at MrBeast’s Wealth


The website Clutch Points places Mr. Beast’s wealth at $25,000,000. Many of his viewers are aware of how much money he makes from YouTube and never hesitate to ask him about it.

In an interview on Logan Paul’s podcast, Mr. Beast said that his video production costs exceed his revenue. He spends his $3 million to $4 million monthly salary on electronics like movie theatre seats and video game consoles. As a result of our low-profit margins, 100% of our earnings are reinvested.

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