Starstruck Season 2 HBO Confirmed Release Date And All That You Must Know!

Starstruck Season 2

Rose Matafeo created and co-wrote Starstruck, which follows a millennial living in East London who is struggling to make ends meet by working two low-paying jobs and pursuing her dreams. In addition to dealing with Tom’s fame and the difficulties of falling in love with him (played by Nikesh Patel). As well as the newlywed couple who realize they can’t live apart. Minnie Driver and Russell Tovey are also part of the second season’s cast. Basically, this is all we know about Starstruck Season 2.

This will be the second time that Rose Matafeo’s millennial comedic film Starstruck has been rebooted. There will be a second season of the sitcom, which was created by Avalon Television and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

Release Date Of Starstruck Season 2

BBC3’s new broadcast channel, BBC3, will broadcast the premiere of Season 2 of Starstruck on Monday, February 7 at 10 p.m., with the entire box set available on the BBC iPlayer. BBC3 in the United Kingdom (and BBC iPlayer in the United States) will broadcast the series, while HBO Max in the United States will broadcast the series.

Starstruck Season 2

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Plot Of Starstruck Season 2

On New Year’s Eve, two women are smoking in front of a nightclub before going into the club. The one is attempting to persuade the other to come in and have a good time with them both. Kate (Emma Sidi), Jessie’s roommate and best friend, wants to go to the club and meet some men on New Year’s Eve, despite the fact that Jessie (Rose Matafeo) dislikes the “forced good time” atmosphere of the holiday. She does exactly that, engaging in a drunken and uninteresting discussion about Bitcoin with a random man.

She walks to the restroom, having had enough of the monotony and being overflowing with liquid. She goes into the men’s room in order to avoid having to wait in line for the ladies’ room. She believes she is alone until a charming gentleman named Tom (Nikesh Patel) walks into the room, and the chemistry between them is immediately apparent.

The two of them than happen to run into each other in the pub by chance. He reminds her of someone she used to work with, which she finds comforting. Because their attraction is so strong, they make out in the taxi on the way back to his apartment. When they are having sex, she asks him if she can lie on top of him and asks for his permission.

She notices Tom’s face on a movie poster the following morning as she sneaks downstairs to make her way out of the house. He turns out to be action movie star Tom Kapoor, and despite the fact that she was working in a theatre that night, she didn’t even notice him. Her surprise is short-lived, as the two of them have sex again shortly afterward. As soon as she returns home, she primarily considers it a wonderful story to share with Kate. However, when she leaves the movie theater, she encounters Tom, who was there to return a charger that wasn’t even hers.

They make their way over to his apartment and quickly realize that the first night was no drunken escapade after all. Thus, he invites her out; however, the following morning, she rummages through his nightstand and discovers images of Tom with what appears to be a female companion, prompting her to flee his apartment and seek refuge elsewhere. When the paparazzi realize she’s the cleaning woman, they stop taking her picture and leave her alone.

Cast Of Starstruck Season 2

Rose Matafeo portrays the lead female role of Jessie, while British actor Nikesh Patel (who you may remember from the television series Indian Summers as Aafrin Dalal) portrays the male lead role of Tom Kapoor in this film. Cath, Tom’s agent, is played by Minnie Driver (from the film Good Will Hunting). Nireiverm Kate is played by Enna Sidi, who is a female supporting actor. Sindhu is played by Sindhu Vee, and Ian is played by Al Roberts.

Dan is played by Jon Pointing, and Joe Barnes is played by Joe Barnes. Steve and Lola are played by Nic Sampson. Sarah is played by Rose Maxwell. Jacob is played by Abraham Popoola, and Shivani is played by Ambreen Razia. Finally, Nadia Parkes portrays Sophie Diller, and Liz Kingsman portrays Liz Diller in this film. In the following section, we will discuss possible plotlines for the second season of Starstruck with our readers.

The Narrative Of Starstruck Season 2

In Season 2, Jessie will deal with the fallout from her bold decision to stay in East London and pursue her romance with Tom rather than returning to New Zealand as planned at the conclusion of Season 1, which will be explored in greater depth.

Trailer Of Starstruck Season 2

There is no trailer for Starstruck Season 2 yet, but stay tuned!

Season 2 of Starstruck will begin on BBC Three at 10 p.m. on Monday, February 7th, 2022.

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