father cooper net worth

Father Cooper Net Worth: How Much Has This Person Made This Year?

The net worth of Alexandra Cooper is $98 million dollars. One of the most popular podcasts in the world is Alexandra Cooper’s “Call Her Daddy” podcast on Spotify.

An agreement with Spotify worth $60 million was revealed in June of 2021 for the exclusive distribution of Alexandra Cooper’s podcast, which was previously owned and distributed by Barstool Sports until that time. Check out Joe Rogan’s Astonishing Wealth.

Early Life

When Alexandra Cooper was born in August 1994, she was born in Newtown, Pennsylvania. Dirty Water Media hired her as an on-air studio anchor in 2016.

father cooper net worth

During his time at Boston University, Cooper was a standout soccer player. In 2014, the Patriot League champions were crowned. She’s also a well-known social media star, with more than 2 million Instagram followers.

Noah Syndergaard, a Major League Baseball pitcher, has been romantically linked to Alexandra Cooper.

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Personal Life

Noah Syndergaard, a pitcher for the New York Mets, dated Alexandra Cooper in 2017. A Boston Bruins hockey player is another man she’s dating, she said on an episode of Call Her Daddy.

father cooper net worth

Alexandra announced in early 2020 that she was rekindling her relationship with an ex-boyfriend, but she didn’t reveal which one.

The wedding of Alexandra Cooper and Matt Kaplan is said to have taken place in 2021.


As soon as Alexandra arrived in the city, she began working for Dirty Water Media and a magazine there. In October 2018, she joined Barstool Sports. Alexandria now hosts the podcast ‘Call Her Daddy‘. For many listeners, “locker room talk for females” best describes this podcast.

Oddly enough, Sofia and Alexandra came up with the concept for the podcast while they were out to drink. They were discussing sex with their buddies, including Sofia Franklyn, on a late-night date.

The individual sitting next to them was captivated by their conversation and laughs. There were a few viewers who thought that their discussion program may draw millions of viewers.

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Net Worth

$200,000 is the podcaster’s estimated net worth. Her main source of income is the podcast, “Call Her Daddy.

father cooper net worth

” She received $75,000 a year from Barstool Sports when she was employed there. In addition, the show’s hosts got a $2,500 incentive for every 10 percent increase in audience size.

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