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Vigil Season 2

No one doubted that Vigil would be a big hit before it sped into our screens.

It’s directed by World Productions, the team behind such critically acclaimed films as Line of Duty and Bodyguard, as well as numerous more projects.

The cast, led by Suranne Jones, is as impressive, as is the team behind the camera, including creator and writer Tom Edge, whose previous credits include Strike and The Crown, as well as director James Strong, who previously worked on Broadchurch.

Then, to our surprise, we were all right on the money.

The final episode of the show was watched by an average overnight audience of 7.1 million viewers and a peak of 7.3 million viewers, according to the BBC’s official data. A second season would be a no-brainer, given that it’s the highest-rated new UK drama since The Bodyguard in 2018.

The second season of Bodyguard, which has not yet been announced but is widely rumored to be returning for more installments, is already on the books, but the BBC hasn’t said anything about the show’s future.

There have been “conversations” regarding a second season, according to Anjli Mohindra (Tiffany Docherty, the medic), who told “I think there’s stuff on the horizon.” “However, nothing has been confirmed yet.”

However, assuming it is given the go-ahead, what would the second season look like? Season 2 of Vigil has everything you need to know.

Vigil Season 2 Release Date

But first and foremost, we’ll need that much-needed refresher course. Nothing has been announced as of December 2021.

Even if it’s approved, filming probably won’t begin until the middle of 2022, which means we won’t see it until the beginning of 2023 at the earliest.

Vigil Season 2 Characters

A number of characters were dealt a rough hand in the first episode of the show.

Because Adam James, Lauren Lyle, and Anita Vettesse’s Mark Prentice, Jade Antoniak, and Jackie Hamilton all died in the production, they are all out.

Though Craig Burke (Martin Compston) was immortalized in the videos he filmed after his murder, his story feels very much like it has been walled off even though he was immortalized.

Actor Lorne MacFadyen isn’t expected to reprise his role as Matthew Doward, a petty officer who was captured by MI5 at the end of the first chapter.

If you were still alive at the end of season one, then you’ll be fine.

Amy Silva (Suranne Jones) and DS Kirsten Longacre are the lead detectives (Rose Leslie).

Commander Neil Newsome (played by Patterson Joseph), coxswain Elliot Glover (played by Shaun Evans), doctor Tiffany Docherty (Anjli Mohindra), Lieutenant Simon Hadlow (Connor Swindells), and CPO Gary Walsh (Daniel Portman) are some of the members of the Vigil crew.

Rear Admiral Shaw (Stephen Dillane) and Lieutenant Commander Erin Branning (Erin Branning) are two Navy personnel (Lolita Chakrabarti)

DS Colin Robertson (Gary Lewis) and DS Porter (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) (Reuben Joseph)

And, of course, there’s always room for fresh blood. Whether or whether we see any of those characters again in season two is out in the air, which brings us to…

You can also go for –

Vigil Season 2 Storyline

Season two’s plot is yet unknown, although based on the show’s title and location, it’s safe to assume there will be some limitations.

Following an unsolved fatality on board, Jones’ DCI Silva boarded the submarine Vigil. It’s difficult to envision Silva returning now that the case has been settled and she has resurfaced.

As a result, the new tale will likely have to take place outside of HMS Vigil or Suranne Jones, the show’s star.

And neither of these is a good place to begin.

“We have probably told as many stories as we would desire to tell on a submarine,” Edge remarked of the show’s future (via

While working on this project, several of the characters that have formed have felt like characters that we’d like to sink our teeth into. So if everyone else wants to do it, I’d be happy to join in.

So, we’ll assume you’ll have to keep an eye on things.

Final Lines

Unfortunately, there is no new trailer due to the lack of a guaranteed comeback. The filming hasn’t yet begun, and it appears like it will be a while before it’s finished.

However, you can count on us to keep you informed as soon as new information becomes available.

BBC iPlayer has just made Vigil available to stream.


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